BloemBagz Potato Planter, Tequila Sunrise

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Spudtacular Results Every Time!

If you thought the only way you could plant potatoes is to be the owner of a big backyard, think again! Growing potatoes is easy with the BloemBagz Potato Planter. Velcro side-window flap allows you to conveniently harvest your spuds beneath the soil one at a time.

BloemBagz are a great option for all gardeners, but especially helpful for gardeners with limited space. Made from recycled water bottles, the BPA-free fabric exterior is able to breath. This promotes root pruning and creates a healthy, fibrous root system for better nutrient absorption. It is highly durable and constructed of a UV-resistant, 2-layer exterior that is reinforced for several years of use.

Size: 17-3/4-inches high x 13-3/4-inches wide. BloemBagz Potato Planter holds 38-quarts of soil (9-gallons) and 3-5 potato plants.

Product Information


  • Size: 17-3/4-inches high x 13-3/4-inches wide
  • Holds 38-quarts of soil (9-gallons) and 3-5 potato plants
  • Velcro side-window flap
  • BPA-free

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