BloemBagz Mini Herb Planter

Fresh, Delicious Herbs Right at Your Fingertips

With the BloemBagz Mini Herb Bag you easily have access to your favorite herbs, even when space is limited. With a rigid lip and three eyelets, you have the choice to set it independently or hang it indoors or out. BloemBagz are a great option for all gardeners, but especially helpful for gardeners with limited space. Made from recycled water bottles, the BPA-free fabric exterior is able to breath. This promotes root pruning and creates a healthy, fibrous root system for better nutrient absorption. It is highly durable and constructed of a UV-resistant, 2-layer exterior that is reinforced for several years of use. Size: 9-inches high x 8-inches wide. Mini Herb Planter holds 6-quarts (1-1/2-gallons) of soil.

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