Bloem Hanging Garden System, Set of 3 Self-Watering Planters



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Expand Your Garden to Decks and Fences

A versatile, space-saving way to grow herbs, veggies and more. The innovative design of our Hanging Garden System makes it easy for anyone — even urban gardeners with limited deck space — to expand their planting options and enhance their outdoor environment.

Simply hang this three-piece system from a deck railing or fence and plant herbs, vegetables, fruits or even bright floral arrangements. Built-in self-watering grids create water reservoirs in each planter that help reduce the frequency of watering while keeping your plants healthier, and two side holes on each planter make watering quick and hassle-free.

The low-maintenance design of our Hanging Garden System even helps reduce weeding and makes harvesting a breeze. The snap-fit, stainless-steel fasteners offer excellent strength to hold your arrangements securely, and the all-weather durability provides lasting value.

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from NJ

Perfect fence decoration


We finally had to have a huge Maple tree removed due to excessive surface roots. That left a boring blank board on board cedar fence on one side of our yard. What were we to do with this unlovely garden feature? Fiskars Hanging Garden System to the rescue! We ordered 2 sets of 3 planters and hung them by 2s along the blank fence with some violas in them. Now that side of the yard doesn't look so stark. Our only quibble is that the planters were supposed to be hung using the enclosed single use wires. As the pots are not supposed to be left out over the winter, this means that the wires have to be snipped and reordered for the following spring. We were able to screw 1-1/4" steel cup hooks into our wood fence to hang them instead. The hooks can be left out and reused. I realize this may not be a solution for vinyl fence or deck railings but it worked for us.

from SC

Great for my Garden Gate


I bought 6 sets that I attached to my garden gate which gets part to full shade. The planters were easy to attach and connect. I used shade perennials and annuals.