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Oly-Ola Black Jack Poly Lawn Edging, One Heavy Duty Edging Kit

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A safe choice in high pedestrian areas!

Heavy duty edging won't rot or rust; minimum frost heave. Edging is 4-3/4 Inches tall with a 1-inch V-hook at the base, and a 1-inch diameter bead on the top.

One kit has one 20-foot length of edging, four 9-inch anchor stakes and one 6-inch connecting plug.

Each kit includes one section of edging, 20-foot in length. Edging is coiled to fit in cost effective, ground shippable box. Comes with four 9-inch steel anchor stakes and one 6-inch plastic connecting plug. Backed by a 15 year warranty. Ship wt. 6.5lb.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Pure polyethylene, carbon black concentrate added for ultraviolet stabilization
  • 1 - 20ft. length edging is 4-3/4 Inches tall, 1in. round top with an average wall thickness of 3/32in, v-lip on bottom
  • Shipping weight is 6lbs. per box including edging, 4 - 9in. steel stakes and 1 - 6 in. connecting plug
Additional Product Information
Warranty Information
  • Manufacturer supplies a 15 year warranty.
Product Warranty
  • Manufacturer supplies a 15 year warranty.
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