Bite Blocker BioUD Skin, Clothing & Gear Insect Repellent

Organic, All-NaturalInsect Repellentand Pest Control.

Proven 97% effective! Sweat-proof and child-safe, with hours of protection! Non-toxic, non-flammable, and won't harm plastics or the environment.DEET-free! Changing the way you think about insect repellent — naturally. BioUD® is a formulation of a natural active ingredient isolated from a wild tomato plant. This is a very effective natural alternative to Deet and a replacement to Permethrin (as a clothing treatment/repellent). The active compound is classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as a biopesticide product — products which are usually inherently less toxic than conventional pesticides. The active ingredient is also classified by the Food and Drug Administration as a flavoring agent that may be safely used in food. The BioUD® formulation contains emollients, is non-flammable, and is not a plasticizer. BioUD® is registered with the EPA. Repels mosquitoes that may carry ZIKA and West Nile Virus for 4.5 hours. Repels ticks that may transmit Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever for up to 2 hours. For best results spray skin and/or clothing every 4.5 hours.

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