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Bird Seed Lawn Shield

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Eliminate the headaches caused from bird feeder seed waste.

What a great idea using shade fabric to catch all the seed that drops into your lawn, leaving a mess and creating unwanted weeds in the spring. The breathability of the shade fabric will not kill your grass as it allows air and moisture through while its fine mesh catches any seeds that are knocked out of your bird feeder by birds, squirrels and Mother Nature.

Simply secure our (6311) UV treated 10' x 10' shade tarp down with our (2420) 24-pack anchor pins to create a 100 square foot barrier under your feeders. The shade fabric has reinforced edges and brass grommets every 2 feet giving you the just the right spacing to anchor the fabric securely. In the spring unpin, pull the fabric up clean off the debris and put away for next season.
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