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Bird X Stainless Steel Bird Spikes 10 Foot Strip

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100% effective, safe, and permanent!

Bird-X Stainless Steel Bird Spikes cause zero harm to birds. They simply make it uncomfortable for birds to roost or nest in the area. Just secure the spike strip to your desired structure using an outdoor weatherproof adhesive, nails, or ties (sold separately). Bird-X manufactures these bird spikes using stainless steel. Each 10-foot section of spikes includes a polycarbonate base. The flexible polycarbonate base allows for installation on uneven or curved surfaces. Birds transmit many diseases — not to mention the mites they carry! Aside from being a nuisance, their droppings also cause many health and liability issues. Use the Bird-X Stainless Steel Bird Spikes to protect buildings and other structures from birds, their droppings, and their nests.

Product Information

Product Features
  • Causes no harm to the birds
  • 100% effective deterrent
  • Easy to install
  • Adhere to surfaces with construction grade outdoor weatherproof adhesive, nails, or ties (not included)
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