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Bird X Bird Repellent Gel 10 Ounce Tube

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Keeps pesky birds out of unwanted areas!

Bird-X formulated their Bird Repellent Gel to keep birds out of unwanted areas. This polybutene gel creates a sticky surface that birds find uncomfortable. This transparent non-toxic gel causes no harm to humans, pets, or the birds themselves. Bird-X Bird Repellent Gel keeps birds clear of ledges, sills, peaks, arbors, fences, or any other surface you want to keep clean. Simply insert the tube into a caulking gun and apply a line of gel in your desired location. Birds find the sticky surface extremely uncomfortable and will not stay long. They also learn to avoid the area in the future! Birds transmit many diseases — not to mention the mites they carry! Aside from being a nuisance, their droppings also cause many health and liability issues. If you need an inexpensive solution to your bird problem, Bird-X has you covered. One 10-ounce tube covers approximately 10 linear feet.

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Product Features
  • Non-toxic
  • Inexpensive
  • Reduces health and liability risks related to bird droppings and nesting nuisance
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