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A Chemical-Free Solution to Eliminate Fleas

The BioCare Pesticide-Free Flea Trap works by killing adult fleas looking for a pet to infest. The light, heat, and infrared rays from the light bulb are strong attractants for fleas. The fleas jump up to the trap, fall through the screen, and are killed on the sticky pad. The sticky pads last up to 3 months or until the pad is filled with around 10,000 fleas. Each captured flea prevents 200 more fleas from infesting your home. This trap is made in the USA from unbreakable plastic. It uses a standard C-7, 5-watt or less clear nightlight bulb. The package contains one trap and one capture pad. Refill capture pads (item S103) are available here.

Product Information


  • Material: Plastic
  • Product length (inches): 7-3/5
  • Product width (inches): 5-1/2
  • Product height (inches): 2-1/4
  • Bulb type: C-7
  • Bulb wattage: ≤ 5

Product Features

  • Highly effective, permanent flea trap
  • Non-toxic and pesticide free
  • Safe to use around food, children, and pets
  • Made in the USA!
  • CAS-UL approved

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