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Bahco Vertical Cutting Action Lawn Edging Shears

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Precision edging with no bending!

Bahco makes top quality professional lawn shears with your choice of horizontal or vertical cutting action. Xylan coated, anti-rust blades are ideal for cutting around trees, borders, edges, etc. Self-adjusting pivot bolt. 5 year guarantee. Wt 5 lb.Vertical action edging shear 7 1/2" blades, 33" handles, overall length 37".

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Fully hardened double beveled blade, black Xylan coating, straight cutting edge, blade length 7 1/2in., plastic buffer, handle length 33in., overall length 37in., self adjusting pivot bolt, weight 5lbs.
Warranty Information
  • Manufacturer supplies a 5 year guarantee.
Product Warranty
  • Manufacturer supplies a 5 year guarantee.
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