Avenger Organic Herbicide Concentrate, 1 Quart

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This organic herbicide is safe and all natural!

Use Agrisel Avenger Organic Herbicide as a natural alternative to standard weed killers. This is an OMRI-listed, biodegradable non-selective herbicide. It has zero negative effects on soil, water, animals, or people.

The active ingredient in Avenger Organic Herbicide is d-limonene (70%). D-limonene is the primary component of citrus oil. This chemical's natural degreasing property strips away a weed's waxy cuticle. Without this cuticle, the weed dehydrates and dies.

Avenger works on broadleaf and grassy weeds. To use, mix 1 pint of Avenger to 1 gallon of water (1:6 ratio). Apply this mix around buildings, fences, driveways, landscape areas, and more!

This is a 1-quart container.

Product Information

Product Features

  • OMRI-listed, natural weed killer
  • Non-selective, post-emergent herbicide
  • Safely kills annual weeds less than 6 inches tall
  • Weeds taller than 6 inches or perennial weeds with a long tap root may need a second application



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