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ARS Super Light 6.75-inch Blade Hedge Shears, 19.5-inch Overall Length

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Unique ergonomic design produces shears that weigh a mere pound, these won't wear you down like heavier shears will.

These are the right choice when you have a big clipping job on your hands. Because these shears weigh a mere pound, you won't have to worry about the fatigue you may experience with heavier shears, and the 6.75-inch nickel-coated carbon steel blades stay sharp! The curved handles and shock absorbers also help reduce fatigue. Precision cutting and comfort, that's a combination everyone needs for a job well done.

Please note: These shears are intended for professional use. Users must take extreme caution. The shear blades are extremely sharp and can cause severe bodily harm if mishandled or misused. Parts of the body should be kept a safe distance from the blades, whether in use or stationary. To minimize the risk of eye injury, always wear eye protection. As with any tool, keep out of the reach of children.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Overall length 19 1/2in., overall blade length 6 3/4in., chemical-nickeled blades, resistant to resin or sap deposits, special pivot bolt for fine adjustments of blade torque, aluminum-pipe handles, and usually red handles.
Product Features
  • Intended for delicate pruning; use on thick, dry or hard wood may cause breakage.
Product Warranty Information
  • This product is covered by A.M. Leonard's Down-to-Earth guarantee. Click here for more details.
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