ARS LongReach Pruner Telescopic Heavy Duty Tilt Head Series

The newest design in the best-selling ARS long reach line. The mechanism and components have been redesigned for increased durability and strength. Perfectly balanced for ease of use and accuracy, these poles are light and maneuverable. Provides sharp, precision pruning without dragging out a ladder.

Item # Cutting Capacity Pruner Type Shipping Weight Telescoping Length Weight Depth Stock Status 1 – 2 3+ Qty
Z163 1/4 inch Cut & Hold 4 lbs 4 ft - 7 ft N/A N/A Out of Stock
$126.59 $126.59
Z195 1/4 inch Super Trimmer Shearing 4 lbs 6 ft - 10 ft 0 74.5 In Stock $163.89 $156.79

Product Information


  • Forged blades
  • Adjustable length
  • +/-30 degree tilt heads

Product Features

  • The new Swing Head is made from strong die-cast aluminum with a hand adjustable bolt to lock the angle tightly in place (+/- 30 degrees tilt)
  • Drop forged blades give you greater cutting leverage even under tough conditions
  • Single operation

Product Benefits

  • This trimmer is ideal to cut through green material up to 1/2"
  • The swing head allows you to cut more "flush" to the main branch


Manufacturer supplies a limited warranty against material defects. Normal wear not included.

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QUESTION: What are the common reasons that these units fail, and how do you avoid them?
ANSWER: The three most common problems are:

  1. Cutting branches that are too large which will stress the metal bands on the inside and may cause the guide that keeps them moving alongside each other to break. This in turn will interrupt the connection between the handle and the blade, which results in malfunctioning of the unit. These units are meant for fine pruning. They do not replace loppers. Whenever the connection between the blade is broken, either by normal wear and tear or by misuse, the factory recommends replacing both the Extension Slide Set (metal bands with all connecting parts)and the Joint Casing with the brass pins.

  2. Failing to hold the levers in when extending or retracting the unit. This prevents the brass pins from dragging along the housing and wearing down prematurely. The pins lock the unit in place. Once the pins are worn, this connection is interrupted.

  3. Customers sometimes slightly bend the tubing so the units won't extend or retract easily. This may not be noticable to the naked eye, but may be seen if you put a straight edge along the unit.

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from TX

Excellent Product


This is an excellent tool for picking hard to reach fruit. I used it to pick about 5 gallons worth of Loquat fruit with ease. The hold feature is key and is able to grab and hold very thin branches and stems.