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ARS Folding Pruning Saw, 7-inch Curved Blade

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Rugged yet versatile design stands up to any task, big or small!

Versatile, precise cutting efficiency, specially suited to the demands of vineyard, orchard and horticultural work. Rugged, high 7-inch carbon steel blade has chrome plating, and cuts on the pull stroke. The chrome plating resists clogging. Blade is thickened on the backside for added strength, and for more demanding sawing. Rubberized grip. Locks in the open or closed position. Unique tooth design for clean, accurate cutting. 7-inch blade length; weight of 0.45 lbs.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • 7 in. blade length, carbon tool steel blade, chrome plated, push-button lock release makes closing blade easy. Rubber grip for steady work. Overall weight .4 lbs, 7 teeth per inch.
Product Warranty Information
  • Manufacturer supplies a lifetime warranty on material defects.
Product Features
  • Rugged yet versatile design for the demands of landscaping professionals
  • Precise cutting efficiency specially suited for vineyard, orchard, and horticultural work
  • 7-inch carbon steel blade with chrome plating resists clogging
  • Thickened backside of the blade for added strength during demanding sawing
  • Rubberized grip for steady and comfortable work
  • Unique tooth design ensures clean and accurate cuts
  • Push-button lock release for easy closing and locking in open or closed position
Product Shipping Weight
  • 0.4 pounds
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the length of the ARS Folding Pruning Saw?
The ARS Folding Pruning Saw has a 7 inch blade length.

2. What material is the blade of ARS Folding Pruning Saw made of?
The ARS Folding Pruning Saw is made of high 7 inch carbon steel blade which is chrome plated.

3. What features make ARS Folding Pruning Saw stand out from others?
The ARS Folding Pruning Saw features a unique tooth design that ensures clean and accurate cutting. It also has a rugged and versatile design that makes it suitable for vineyard, orchard and horticultural work. Additionally, it has a push button lock release that makes closing the blade easy and a rubberized grip that offers steady work.

4. What is the weight of the ARS Folding Pruning Saw?
The ARS Folding Pruning Saw weighs 0.45 lbs overall.

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