ARBORChar All Purpose Grow Fertilizer 4 lb

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Plant growth and soil enhancement for indoor and outdoor growing.

ARBORChar™ All Purpose Grow 5-6-4 is a premium fertilizer and biochar blend for improving leaf vigor, root development and soil structure in indoor and outdoor plants. Biochar is created by burning organic matter with limited oxygen (pyrolysis), turning it into a porous and activated carbon material which helps to build soil, conserve water and sequester carbon.

ARBORChar All Purpose Grow mixes the holding capacity of Biochar with naturally derived nutrients to provide plant nutrition while supporting beneficial soil microbiology. It also contains 6% calcium to help inhibit blossom end rot and 2% magnesium to prevent yellowing.

Built to have neutral pH, produce minimal dust, sourced from recycled trees and loaded with blood meal and bone meal. ARBORChar All Purpose Grow goes above and beyond traditional biochar products. 4 lb covers up to 800 sq. ft.

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