Andrews® 2-in-1 Sprinkler/Soaker Hose

It's a sprinkler and soaker hose in one!

  • Soaker or Sprinkler: Holes face up for an even, gentle spray or face down for a thorough soaking.

  • Flexible: Unique soft and flexible hose makes it easy to use and contour. Ideal for flower beds, borders, vegetable gardens, walkways, lawns and shrubs.

  • Adjustable Length: End clip can be removed and reset anywhere along the hose to adjust length.

The original 2-tube standby. Green plastic with tiny, round holes for gentle spray, turn it over—it's a soaker. Tough and durable with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty. Choose from 30, 50 and 100-foot lengths.

Item # Length Ship wt Stock Status Price Qty
AS30 30 ft .5 lb Out of Stock
AS100 100 ft 3 lb In Stock $34.47
AS50 50 ft 2 lb In Stock $19.21

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from CT

Best sprinkler hose I've ever used.


I have these all over my yard. My yard is large enough to have gardens in different areas. I use this hose in my veggie garden...nothing goes dry; my flower beds, it reaches everywhere. The only problem I have is once in awhile there is a break...mainly because someone hits it with a weed whacker. This last rip happened yesterday. I'm not sure how to fix it....what kind of tape, etc. That's also why I'm here. Most of these hoses last me about 3-5 years. The gardening store does not carry them any longer....So, I'm about to order!

from ID



I love these hoses, works well for long thin areas. I did find out that they don't hold up to a hail storm. The hail tore holes all up and down the three I had.

from VA

Good for a year; lightweight


I bought this 3 years ago and it did fine until the second year the hose laid in the hot sun in the flower garden and I turned on the hose and it had holes from expanding and contracting. It started at one end and then finally went to the middle and then I disgarded it; very thin material. If it is lying in the sun; the best thing to do is start with very little water going through the hose and then gradually turning it on full force. I only bought a 50-foot one. I was hoping it would last much longer.

from CA

works great!


my first impression was how thin the hose was. then i hooked it up and turned on the water.. i was so amazed at how it sprays evenly.. it is exactly what i have been looking for. ordering 4 more today.

from MT

best soaker/sprinkler hose I have used


I lay the hoses with holes facing up between my rows of raspberries and I can water two rows with one hose with very little overspray or wasted water. The only problem I have had is that the tiny holes sometimes get plugged with debris so I have a spin filter on my irrigation line.

from KY

Can't beat the price!


These hoses are amazing! I snaked a 50' through my garden and it does not disappoint. With this spraying below the limbs there hasn't been a problem with leaves getting burned in the sun anymore. My only gripe is that you can't connect two lengths of hose together. Not that big of a deal when you consider the low cost of the 100'. I now have 2 50's and a 100' and will definitely be getting more as needed!

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