American Barn Purple Martin Nesting Home with Mounting Pole



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Enjoy the Benefits of Housing a Purple Martin Colony

The American Barn Purple Martin Nesting Home with Mounting Pole is both charming and functional. It's a great choice for bringing the delightful insect-eating birds onto your property. The home offers 12 large 6-inch x 9-inch compartments, which is enough space for a full-sized purple martin colony. The nesting area is designed to encourage healthy nest building. It features a textured bowl-shape and water channeling system to promote quick drainage. The nesting home is made from durable 100% UV-protected injection-molded polypropylene copolymer plastic. Easy snap-together assembly requires no tools. The mounting pole provides the height and stability needed for your purple martin house. Made from galvanized steel, the pole comes in 9 sections that easily press fit together. When assembled, the pole measures 12 feet high with a 1.9-inch outside diameter. This kit comes with everything you need to be a great purple martin landlord. It includes a rope and pulley system to easily raise and lower your purple martin house.

Product Information

Product Features

  • Starling-resistant entry doors
  • Floors with built-in nesting bowls
  • Landing and take-off rails
  • Swing-up doors allow easy cleaning and inspection of nests
  • Floor and door design provide maximum rain protection
  • Room for 12 active martin families
  • Snap-together assembly, no tools required
  • Rope and pully system for easy lowering and raising



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