Al's Original Flower Pouch

Create your own flower pouches just like you see at nurseries—and save!

These are the original, time tested pouches that ensure the success you expect. The slits are precut to save time and are spaced to maximize coverage. The patented handle is fused to increase strength to over 11 mil so it will not stretch or become brittle.

Available in three sizes including the original 10 slit (8" x 20") that allows for great coverage, the 5 slit (8" x 20") that is designed for larger or premium plugs, and the mini-pouch that has 6 slots (8-1/4" x 12-1/2"), designed for growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Priced each, minimum order of 10 pouches.

Item # Pouch Size Slit Stock Status Price Qty
AFP10-5 8 in x 20 in 10 Slit Original Out of Stock
AFP6-5 8 1/4 in x 12 1/2 in 6 Slit Mini In Stock $6.39
AFP5-5 8 in x 20 in 5 Slit In Stock $6.39

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from WV

flower pouch review


I like the convenience of a strong hanging loop and the product is fine except for the watering. Unless there is a tube inserted into the pouch with holes to let water trickle out to the bottom, the lower plants really dry out too much and too quickly. How bout adding some sort of tube to make watering more even and easier? I tried strawberries in my pouches, and they worked out fairly well.

from WY



These flower pouches are of good quality at a fair price, and arrived quickly. I hung several of them close together to create a living wall on the back of my house. Beautiful.

from NJ

Pouches are difficult to water


Al's Flower Pouches are sturdy, long lasting, and will take freezing. My main difficulty with keeping plants growing and prospering is that it is hard to get the growing medium evenly moist. Water runs out the bottom and sides before the medium has absorbed it, and the top plants suffer especially. The only way I've found to wet them evenly is to full a bucket of water, immerse the pouch in it for a while, and rehang it. As plants get larger, this is not only unwieldy, it soaks whatever is growing, in my case, strawberries and grape tomatoes, which isn't good for the fruit.

from OH

flower pouches


I hang my flower pouches with flowers in them, on all my outside windows and around a big tree in my front yard. People stop in their cars to compliment the beautiful flowers.