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Blended to Increase Size and Yield

ALGOplus Liquid Tomato Fertilizer 4-6-8 is completely soluble in water. It's a 100% mineral based balanced fertilizer containing a higher percentage of potassium to promote greater production of larger fruit and the 12 essential nutrients and trace elements plants need to boost flowering and fruiting. It is non-toxic and contains no chlorides, carbonates or sodium. Perfect to use every time you water. It is odorless and non-burning. One liter bottle makes up to 118 gallons.

Product Information


  • Safe for use at every watering. One liter bottle for regular feeding makes up to 118 gallons.
  • General Use Instructions: Mix 2 teaspoons (10 ml) of ALGOplus Liquid Fertilizer per gallon of water as a regular feed, or 1 teaspoon to spray directly onto the foliage.
  • For Hose End Sprayer: Add 4 oz ALGOplus Liquid Fertilizer into an empty hose end sprayer bottle. Fill the rest of the hose end sprayer bottle with water. Attach a hose to the end and turn on water. Rotate the dial to "ON" and apply.

Product Benefits

ALGOplus contains all the vital mineral salts essential to plant health.In order to live, grow, develop, flourish and make fruits, plants need to be nourished. Their roots search and absorb nutrients in the soil. Water is essential for a good nourishment of the plants. From roots to leaves, it is the water that transports the important nutrients for the plants. For assuring optimum nourishment, it is important to use the right fertilizer dose and to fertilize regularly so that the plants' needs are met. ALGOplus contains all the vital mineral salts essential to plant health. There are 12 minerals which are indispensable to all plant life. Each mineral plays a distinctive role in the plants life cycle. Being well nourished makes your garden plants resistant against diseases and parasites.ALGOplus Fertilizers are easily assimilated.ALGOplus Fertilizers supply the three forms of nitrogen needed for rapid plant assimilation, Nitric (fast assimilating) and ammoniacal (slow assimilating) while maintaining an ideal pH for the plant. ALGOplus Fertilizers supply a balanced form of natural mineral salts needed by the plants, without changing the conductivity of the soil.



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