Adjustable Rotary Cultivator with Telescoping Handle

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Cultivator Adjusts to Fit Your Gardening Needs

The Adjustable Cultivator's handle extends from 33in to 52in so you can set the length for kneeling or standing. Its blades can be removed for custom configuration so you can till between wide or narrow rows and around plants. Specially-designed, bladed wheels rotate to create a scissor-like action that breaks up soil and uproots weeds while automatically cleaning themselves. Extra durable all steel construction with cushion grip for comfort.

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from IN

Rotary Cultivator


I bought it instead of the "Weasel" brand due to the handle extending from 33in to 52in. Also the blades can be removed for custom configuration of row width. The first time using the cultivator, the outer set of blades broke off at the place where it can be loosened for removal. The blade shaft is not steel but looks like a composition inner then dipped in a metal looking material. The blades did not automatically clean themselves. I had to unwind pieces of weed stems from each blade. It isn't worth the effort of ordering or unpacking from the shipping container.