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Transform Your Smartphone into a Mobile Microscope!

With the Active Eye Universal Phone Microscope you cannot only get an up-close view of the pests that are invading your garden, but photograph them with your phone for future reference and sharing. Entertaining for kids and adults alike who enjoy exploring life on a microscopic level.

Lightweight and compact, this 60X microscope is designed to clip onto mobile phones that are equipped with a camera. Can be used independently when unscrewed from the clip.

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  • Bright LED light provides perfect light in any conditions
  • Ideal magnification for pest and disease detection
  • Includes: 60X microscope, UV and LED Light and three LR1130 batteries

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from TX

Make tiny more visible


Working with kids, one can take a picture to show them more details for insects and even parts of a plant that are hard to see. Aphids and beetles and mites. Motion is also possible to show how things move.

from IN

Geeky gardeners will love this tool!


I was so excited to learn that such a product exists, and saved the email to purchase one for myself and one for my cousin (we're both Master Gardeners and kind of nerdy about it!). Apparently we are not the only was sold out soon after the email came, but I checked back and got mine when they were back in stock. This fits iPhones and my Moto X Android, and allows you to study and photograph any tiny thing in your garden (or elsewhere) -- insects, leaf irregularities, flower buds, you name it. Get one for a gardener you like. I promise it'll be a tool they didn't know they needed.