Absolute II Squirrel Resistant Double Sided Feeder

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Spend Less Time Maintaining and More Time Enjoying this Feeder!

The Absolute II Squirrel-Resistant, Double-Sided Feeder is designed to give you more time watching birds because of its low-maintenance design. This feeder is packed full of features that bird enthusiasts are sure to appreciate. See below for more details. Bird feeder dimensions: 11.625 inches deep x 11.25 inches wide x 9 inches high. It includes a hanger, 72-inch pole, and mounting hardware.

Product Information

Product Features
  • Large 12-pound capacity for fewer trips out to fill
  • Adjustable weight setting on perches allows you to select size and type of birds to feed
  • Locking top combined with weight-activated seed supply shut-off keeps squirrels from feasting
  • Super-saver seed baffle reduces waste by preventing birds from shoveling food out
  • Extended roof keeps seed dry
  • Seed level indicator window makes it easy to know when to refill
  • Easy to fill and clean, simply unlatch the roof for ample access
  • Ready to use includes hanger, pole, and pole mounting hardware
  • Made in the USA with a rugged, all-metal construction for durability and a long life
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