6 cu ft Leonard Poly Tray Wheelbarrow, Pneumatic Tire



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Strong and easy to use!

We equip our Leonard 6-Cubic-Foot Capacity Poly Tray Wheelbarrows with a plastic tray in our signature orange color. The extra-thick hardwood handles measure 1-5/8-inch by 2 inches and are 5 feet in length. This model has one four-ply pneumatic tire.Leonard 6-cubic-foot wheelbarrows support up to 500 pounds. The combination of their tough construction and their low-profile design makes them incredibly stable. This stability allows you to transport even the most substantial loads over uneven surfaces with ease.Leonard Poly Tray Wheelbarrows give you the perfect mix of strength and maneuverability. Their high-quality design and construction make them last a lifetime. We back this up with our lifetime warranty!

Product Information


  • Tray volume (cubic feet): 6
  • Tray weight capacity (pounds): 500
  • Tray color: Orange
  • Axle size (inches): 5/8
  • Tire type: Pneumatic
  • Tire diameter (inches): 16
  • Tire width (inches): 5-1/2
  • Handle material: Wood
  • Handle length (inches): 60
  • Handle thickness (inches): 1-5/8 x 2

Product Features

  • Durable ABS plastic tray
  • Low-profile design
  • Extra-thick hardwood handles
  • Welded tray support
  • Heavy-duty undercarriage
  • Wide carriage head bolts
  • Precision ball bearings
  • 5/8-inch axle

Product Benefits

  • ABS plastic tray holds 6-cubic-feet of material
  • Low-profile design increases maneuverability with heavy loads
  • Extra-thick hardwood handles provide increased leverage
  • Increased support allows for heavier loads


We cover this product with our lifetime warranty. Please click here for details.

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  • QUESTION: My wheelbarrow nose in angling in so it is difficult to mount the tire, why?
  • ANSWER: If you mount the legs under the handles before mounting the nose brace to the handles, you may have problems. Be sure to mount the nose piece before the legs.

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from NY

6 cu ft poly wheelbarrow


After being in the landscape business for about forty years, FINALLY I have discovered a wheelbarrow truly built for professional tough use!

from NY

Should be called a Wheel Burro


We use over 10 wheelbarrows in our landscape business. During the morning clamoring for the days tools the Leonard wheelbarrow is the first one to be grabbed. It's durable and light, gone are the days of metal wheelbarrows.

from PA

Pleased with it and the customer service


Built strong but light, I've had one in my landscape business for 4 years now and used it hard (hauling stuff from concrete to mulch). After the 4th year, it got a small crack in the tub, called AM Leonard and with in a day or 2 had a new one at door. :) Great customer service! Now on the down side the bolts were rusty and bit hard to get off after 4years of use. Think the bolts could be replaced with stainless steel. Over all would I buy one again, YES already did!!!

from MA

Great wheelbarrow, my second one!


This is a great wheelbarrow; it holds a lot, rolls easily. This is my second one; the first got destroyed by a falling hickory in a June mini-tornado. Had it 4 years, no complaints. But....The construction directions that come with the package are out of date and a little confusing. I should have held on to my old mangled one to look at how the axle went together. The directions are misleading. There are no cotter pins, and no place to put them if there were some. I called customer service and they sent me a second hardware package but again with no cotter pins. The axle was coming loose and jamming while I used it to load firewood. I knew I had done it wrong, but couldn't figure out what I'd done. I took the axle assembly apart and figured it out; instead of cotter pins and holes in the axle or mount, the wheelbarrow now has a solid axle, no pins, and dimples or bumps in the axle brackets that hold the axle in place, but only if you put it in the right place. I would suggest rewriting the last part.

from MO



Well built and really like how it has self locking nuts as I usually have to buy them separately.

from VA



I've used many wheelbarrows and this beats them all hands down. It's light, extremely durable, and very user friendly. It has supports in the right places, and is very manageable with a heavy load. If you keep everything tightened and greased, this wheelbarrow is unstoppable.

from MI

Orange poly wheelbarrows


Do not neglect the most valuable tool in the landscape business - the humble wheelbarrow. Sure we all want fancy trucks, big skid steers, and powerful gas powered equipment, but nothing gets used as much as the basic wheelbarrow. This one is hands down the most durable and functional I've ever used. Been in the landscaping business over 30 years and this thing is almost indestructible. The thick durable poly tray, combined with the extra wide tire, make this the rolls royce of barrows.

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