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Accurate pH, moisture, fertilizer and light conditions every time.

Shows pH levels from 0 - 9. Provides the percentage of moisture in your soil. Lets you know when fertilizer levels are too high or too low. Identifies light levels to help you find the perfect spot for shade, part shade, and sun plantings. Easily switches functions. Simply insert into soil and flip the lever to the reading you want to take.

How the meter works: The pH meter works by using different metals in the probes. When they are inserted in damp soil, the different metals react with each other to create an electrical current. The meter measure the electric current, and that's how it reads the soil pH. Like many metals exposed to dampness, over time, the metal on the right probe has a tendency to oxidize, which puts a coating on the probe, and prevents it from correctly working. That's why a cleaning pad is included. It is specifically designed to clean this probe.

Tip: Make sure you clean the probe, moisten the soil and wet the probes before using.

Product Information


Measures pH, moisture, fertilizer and light. Black plastic housing. Probes are 3 and 3/8" long. Single gauge for all four readings. Gauge reads as follows: for fertilizer; "too little", "ideal", "too much". For light measurement; 1000 to 100,000 foot-candle hours, for moisture; 1 through 4, with 1 being the driest, and for pH; 9 through 0. Comes with a complete guide with reading recommendations for most plants. Designed for soil testing only, not liquids.

How To Use Your Meter to Measure pH Plant pH Preference:

  1. Remove the top 2 inches of the surface soil. Break up and crumble the soil underneath to a total depth of 5 inches. Remove any stones or organic debris such as leaves and twigs because they can affect the final result.
  2. Thoroughly wet the soil with water (ideally rain or distilled water) to a mud consistency.
  3. Move the switch to the last (bottom) position.
  4. Wet probes. Polish probe on the FAR RIGHT ONLY, with the enclosed special cleaning pad.
  5. Insert probes into soil up to plastic base.
  6. Wait one minute and take reading.
  7. Wipe the probes clean and dry.

Additional cleaning pads are available, please contact us for more info.

Product Features

Includes a complete guide for ideal plant conditions for each meter reading.


Product has a one year manufacturer warranty.



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Overall Rating: 3/5

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from MN

4-way analyzer review


The 4-way analyzer is a complete waste of money. It has never worked for any of the analysis with new batteries and following the directions to the letter. The needle never moved once from it's placement halfway up the left side. I even put the probes in some very acidic water to see if it would read the ph. Nothing. Same goes for fertilizer analysis.

from FL

Second Review after use


I gave this product an excellent review in July. Now it's September and I'm trying to get the pH meter working. After following directions, the meter does not respond very quickly and likes to read a neutral 7.0. I just can't get it to give an accurate pH reading now. It worked the first time, but now when I really need it, it is of no help. A lot of money for a limited use. I had better luck with the chemicals and strips to get an accurate measurement.The light meter still works along with the moisture and furtility measurements. There seems to be no one to contact for a warranty repair. I purchased mine in March, 2011.

Gardeners Edge responds: We have updated the description to include maintenance tips to keep the probes clean; that should solve the problem.

from VA

great addition for the gardener


I LOVE this 4-way soil analyzer. I use it to check moisture, fertilizer and PH. Haven't found a need to use it yet to check sun. Ive had it for a few months and its a real handy all-in-one tool. Better one little tool than 3 or 4 different tools. Thanks for making this space saver, money saver, trouble saver available for a reasonable price. Just one soil test can cost $10 so do the math.

from FL

4 Way Soil Analyzer


I have been using this soil analyzer for several months and I find that there is no better available. I love the fact that it contains no batteries because it uses solar power. It allows you to check the moisture and light levels which are not features you will find on most analyzers. I highly recommed this to everyone if you want to find out what conditions are in store for your plants. It can help you to keep your plants healthy with a little more knowledge about the planting conditions.

from CA

Disappointed with performance


I followed the instructions and the first time it worked but subsequently did not. Not even the moisture meter! My finger in the soil was more effective.

Gardeners Edge responds: Expect that this customer unfortunately received a defective product; will send out replacement shortly.

from SC

pretty good, i guess...


I am not too experienced in the use of soil meters, but had problems getting plants to grow in our poor SC soil, so decided it was time to get a tester. It is easy enough to use, but one thing i noticed is that the meter moves in the wind (!) which makes it hard to test outside. I ended up packing a quart container with soil and bringing indoors to test. Kindof a pain in the butt.... Seems to give accurate readings, but you want to test multiple times and multiple spots to make sure. I was getting good pH on garden soil that I thought might be acidic, so I tested the soil under my pine trees as a control. Sure enough, the meter read it as highly acidic, which led me to believe that the meter does actually work! One handy thing about this tester is that it comes with a VERY extensive list of plants and their preferred pH's. It would be great to have separate readings of n-p-k, but the general fertility test is somewhat useful regardless. All-in-all, I would say this is a pretty good tester for the mo

from WV

multi function tester


The device is versital. Very hard to read meter (small graphics).

from VT



Purchesed the analyzer to help in my vegetable garden. only used it in one area so far. I found it gave clear results. But as yet do not know if these are accurate. It is much easier to use than the kits you get at the garden store.

from MA

Does not test pH


I bought this tester primarily to test the pH of various beds. It does not work at all. I reads "7" for all soils, including the bed that the state extension service found to have a pH of 5.5! I am returning it.

Gardeners Edge responds: We are disappointed that the tester did not work for this customer; we suspect it's defective and expect the replacement should work fine.

from OH

Great soil Meter


This meter is great for selecting and maintaining optimum soil conditions for delicate or hardy plants. No wonder I had a difficult time keeping my garden flourishing. Now I can have a professional looking garden in all seasons.

from MA

Nice product


After years and years of purchasing soil kits that were relatively time consuming, I decided to try this gadget. I didn't expect too much since it was so simple to use; however, was I surprised! It matched the results of my manually done pH test kits, came up with the same end effects for fertilizer (not specific for nitrogen, etc), and even supplied the readings for lighting. Since we get rain about every 3 days, the moisture part was not so important for my purposes, but was nonetheless interesting and apparently correct. I move this analyzer from location to locations, so it's perfect for my gardening purposes (about 1/4 acre vegetable garden and assorted flowers here and elsewhere). If you wish a dedicated system, then you would need to purchase multiple units.

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