23-inch Easy Seeder, Set of 6 Guides



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Get Perfectly Straight Rows and Seed Spacing Every Time!

Take the guesswork and calculating out of seed spacing when planting in your garden. The Easy Seeder lets you plant fast, easy and efficiently. Each planter is labeled and has holes sized to the most common vegetable seeds. Now you don't have to worry about losing and dropping those tiny seeds! No need to thin your plants as they will already be properly spaced when they sprout out of the ground. Efficiently plant and save time and money by not wasting seeds or having to measure spacing.

Product Information


  • Green plastic
  • Set of six
  • 11 in long, width varies from 3/4 in wide to 2 & 1/8 in depending on seed plate
  • Hole spacing is approx 3 in, except for the corn plate which is 9 in
  • Each seeder does a different size: corn, beans, beets & chard, peas, radish & spinach, and carrots/onions/celery/lettuce