Xtend & Climb Home Series Ladder, 12.5in Height

Xtend & Climb Home Series Ladder, 12.5in Height

Great big features—little bitty storage space.

Engineered with rungs that lock positively into place, this stable ladder will have you reaching new heights. Plus, it's compact to carry easily and it stores in a fraction of the space of a normal ladder. Slide it under your bed or tuck it into a closet. Xtend and Climb ladders take the hassle out of everyday chores and holiday decorating. Fits right into the trunk of your car for transport. 12.5ft length, 32in to store, rated to 225 lb.

32.000000 lbs
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  • Aluminum alloy
  • Extends to 12 and 1/2'
  • Compacts to 32" long x 19 and 1/3" wide x 4 and 1/4" deep
  • Type 1A ladder
  • Rated at 225 pounds
  • Weighs 32 pounds

Product Features

Easy telescoping action, lock in place safely Extend only as far as you need Great for: Cabin, RV, house, apartment, car, farm, warehouse, building maintenance

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