Wonder Soil® Expanding Planting Mix with Worm Castings

A fluffy mix that hydrates quickly.

Made from ground Wonder Soil wafers. Use for potting or topdressing any plant. Also a great solution for easily patching your lawn—just mix Reground with grass seed, sprinkle over the area, and water in well. Natural fertilizers and organisms aid in healthy plant development. Handy resealable bag.

Brand: Wonder Soil

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WSR2 2 lbs 18 lbs of soil Out of Stock
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WSR5 5 lbs 45 lbs of soil In Stock $ 29.99 $ 27.99


  • Made of ground coconut coir and worm casings
  • One 2 lb container will expand to 18 lbs

Product Features

  • Includes a small scoop for pot applications


QUESTION: What is coir?
ANSWER: Coir is coarse fiber that comes from coconut husks.

QUESTION: What is a worm casting?
ANSWER: A small spiral mound of earth or sand that has been excreted by a burrowing earthworm.

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars Love this stuff

from GA wrote :

Clean, I can store it in my kitchen, no gnats like the stuff I've bought at big box stores. Only drawbacks - it's very light, so you'll lose a little to the wind as you take it out of the bag; sticks to walls of mixing container, so you lose some there too. Don't like losing any of it since it is expensive.

5 Stars Really Wonderfull

from DE wrote :

I like how it saves space and weight. It makes it easy to store and move to where you need it. It's great for pots and planters. Just mix what you need and store the rest in a dry place to have when you need it.

Wonder Soil Expanding Planting Mix with Worm Castings Wonder Soil Expanding Planting Mix with Worm Castings