Wonder Soil Bricks

Just add water to the compressed Wonder Soil and watch it expand to 10 times its original volume.

Great for seed starting, this soil-less growing medium contains a mix of coconut coir, peat moss, nutrients, and water-absorbing polymers. These special biodegradable polymers store and release water as needed, for healthier plants and less watering. Recommended for containers, cuttings, or adding to planting holes to reduce watering. This 24 oz brick produces over 15 lbs. of potting mix. (About 12 quarts.) Ship wt 2 lbs.

Brand: Wonder Soil
Weight: 1.6

Item # Type Stock Status 1 – 11 12 + Qty
WSB Economical Wonder Brick Lite: over 15 lbs of potting mix In Stock $6.99 $5.99
WSBP Wonder Brick Plus with Worm Castings: like WSB above, but enhanced with worm castings and water-releasing polymers In Stock $8.49 $7.49


  • This 24 oz brick produces over 15 lbs. of potting mix, or around 12 quarts. There are 29.92 quarts in a cubic foot.

Product Benefits

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Better drainage
  • Biodegradable


Product is covered by A.M. Leonard's 30 day satisfaction guarantee


QUESTION: What is coir?
ANSWER: Coir is coarse fiber that comes from coconut husks.

QUESTION: What is the Acrylamide Potassium Acrylate Co-polymer?
ANSWER: It is the product that holds and releases water.

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars Wonder Soil Bricks are Wonderful!!!

PwerShopper from NJ wrote (May 11, 2014):

These bricks are a wonderful way to use the right amount of soil, without the lugging around of heavy soil bags. Also there is less waste or spillage of soil. Will keep buying them forever! Thank you Gardeners Edge!

2 Stars Great if they reconstitute

Linda P from CA wrote (April 29, 2014):

I got 3 of these lite bricks as the base of my own potting mix just to try them out. 2 bricks acted as advertised one stayed as hard as a brick. All 3 were reconstituted in the same container. The 2 that reconstituted properly were wonderful. However at $5 to $6 a block I did not want to press my luck using more of this particular brand since the 1 out of 3 failure ratio was so bad. I ended up buying 30 of a different brand and loving them without having one fail. Great stuff when it works. I wrote customer service about the issue and never got a response another reason to purchase elsewhere.

5 Stars Great soil!

SWFL Gardener from FL wrote (December 18, 2013):

My plants grow great and I love working with this lightweight soil. I never strain my back the way I sometimes do with traditional bagged potting soil.

5 Stars Great stuff!

A> from CA wrote (October 04, 2011):

I use the product either in the fall or spring around all my plants and it does wonders for my garden which was absolutely beautiful this year so I can't say enough about your product.

5 Stars Product review

M. A. Prince from TN wrote (September 30, 2011):

The brick and the cubes are so easy to use and does not make a mess. You can mix up the amount of soil you need.

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Wonder Soil Brick