Weedstick Chemical Applicator

Weedstick Chemical Applicator

Spot-on targeting of weeds saves money and the environment.

Applying herbicides and pesticides without overspray will lower your chemical use by up to 80%! The secret is in the cupped head of this lightweight sprayer. A convenient squeeze of the trigger distributes a shielded mist onto weeds and insects for precision control. Holds one quart.

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  • 43" long overall (not including the cup)
  • Cup is 4 and 1/4" wide overall by 3" high
  • Plastic construction
  • Internal reservoir holds up to one quart of herbicide or pesticide

Product Features

Spot "spray" weeds and unwanted grasses Ergonomic design Patented cup shield design eliminates overspray Light weight design Convenient trigger operation L-shaped forearm grip has adjustable height

Product Benefits

Design alleviates exposure to harmful chemicals Cup reduces use of chemicals by up to 80


Manufacturer warrants it to be free of material defects for one year




QUESTION: How do you pump up or pressurize the unit? ANSWER: It does not actually pressurize, so you don't have to pump it. A squeeze of the trigger delivers enough liquid at enough force to cover the area inside the spray shield.

Review Summary (Based on 19 Reviews)

Customer Reviews

4 Stars Not a bad tool, but wished it was bigger.

from NC wrote :

It's definitely for spot spraying of individual weeds like a dandelion. Not for a spot broadcast of an area. Probably better to make your own contraption on a regular sprayer for that.

3 Stars Weed Stick Chemical Applicator

from IA wrote :

This was a great idea and I do use it alot. I wish it had the options of the straight down jet spray AND a wider mist spray for larger spread out weeds. The straight down jet spray is limiting. Other than that, easy to fill, easy to use.

1 Star DOA

from NY wrote :

This item did not work right out of the box. I called customer service and they offered a refund right away and did not want the product back. I do not see why they keep selling it if they know that it does not work.

1 Star Doesn't work and no phone help.

from IN wrote :

Didn't work right out of the box. Nothing comes out. I love the concept and could not wait to use it. What a disappointment!

1 Star Disappointed

from IN wrote :

Order came, item did not work. At this price what can one expect. Knew it would void the warranty but took it apart anyway. The hose for the pump to the spray head was completely twisted and with the way it as assembled would never work. Tried to fix it but was unsuccessful. Definitely wouldn't buy or recommend this item although the concept seems good. Very small capacity for spray, shoddily assembled, didn't work!

1 Star doesn't work, no phone help

from KS wrote :

Assembled and it won't squirt. No one answers phone at DKProducts for help.

Gardeners Edge responds: We are reaching out to this customer.


from NY wrote :


1 Star Weed stick applicator

from SD wrote :

This is a great idea if it worked. Doesn't spray or even dribble. A big waste of money. I would like my money back. I would like to give it no stars but that wasn't an option.

Gardeners Edge responds: We took care of this customer and refunded her purchase. Overall customers have been very satisfied with this product. It sounds like a possible manufacturer's defect and we will investigate further.

4 Stars A tool & a toy

from IA wrote :

Keeps spray off the flowers & can get up close to flowers. shoots a small stream but must be careful when moving throughout your yard that it doesn't drip on your plants like I found out in beginning. It's easy to use around all my plants & I do have many. I would recommend this product to others.

2 Stars A great idea, but....

from CT wrote :

I bought this tool because I wanted to minimize my applications of herbicides, and it does do that. For example, it enabled me to apply broadleaf weed killers just to the broadleaf weeds in the lawn without spraying them onto adjacent, weed-free areas. However, the construction of the weedstick is flimsy; the first time I used it, it broke. I've duct taped it together so that I can continue to use it, but that's a poor expedient. If the construction was better, this would be a great tool.

Gardeners Edge responds: We'll reach out shortly, and take care of this customer.

5 Stars Quick way to control weeds

from MO wrote :

this is great around the yard, you can target weeds wherever they are.

5 Stars weedstick

from NC wrote :

I realy like this tool, it is very easy to use,and not too heavy to carry around.

5 Stars Weedstick is great

from WA wrote :

We needed a sprayer for limited use of Round Up on weeds in tightly planted beds. Works very well, easy to fill, clean and lightweight to use. Have only had it for a few months so I cannot speak to its lifespan, but seems well made.

5 Stars WeedStick

from TN wrote :

The Weedstick is great for heavily planted flower beds. You can move your flowers aside a little with the cup on the Weedstick to apply the herbicide you are using right on the weed. For years I have been putting a hole in a Styrofoam cup and slipping it over the tip of my "pump-up" sprayer with mediocre results. This product is exactly what I need and I love it.

5 Stars spray right where you want it

from NH wrote :

great little product

4 Stars Works Well

from NC wrote :

Works well to kill weeds around plants. Fewer chemicals used.

4 Stars Love this handy sprayer!

from CA wrote :

We have very tight spaces with herbicide sensitive plants in our nethouses, weeds still grow so we need to treat them. This allows us to do so with minimal interference to our crops.

4 Stars

from IA wrote :

The weeds that I sprayed it killed some and did not kill others.

1 Star What a RIP OFF!

from NY wrote :

Novel concept and would be a great idea if it were pressurized and actually worked. Assembly instructions were simple enough; just put it together and go. But it doesn't actually work! No pesticide is strayed, or even dribbled out of the wand. I tried opening the nozzle, even taking the nozzle off, NOTHING! Then I tried calling the manufacturer at the number listed in the instruction manual. A guy answered, didn't know what I was talking about, then forwarded me to an answering machine. I left my name and number and still have not heard back. I'm very disappointed and really want my money back. This piece of crap isn't worth putting more money into it to ship it back.

Gardeners Edge replies: We're disappointed too, since many other customers have been satisfied. We'll reach out, and do our best to take care of this customer.

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Weedstick Chemical Applicator Weedstick Chemical Applicator