TomCat Mouse Killer II, 2 Preloaded Bait Stations

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Child resistant, ready-to-use, and disposable for easy cleanup.

Preloaded with a 1 oz bait block so there's no need to touch bait when placing station. Station is child resistant. For indoor use only. Clear lid for easy bait monitoring. When bait is gone, just throw bait station away. Made with bromethalin, with faster time to kill and lower risk of secondary poisoning when compared to other baits. 2 disposable bait stations per package.

Product Information


  • Active ingredient: Bromethalin 0.01%
  • Tier-3 tamper resistance

Product Features

  • Disposable, so there is a minimum of cleanup



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  • QUESTION: What is meant by "tier III" tamper resistance?
  • ANSWER: The EPA has some risk-reduction guidelines for rodenticide bait stations, among them the tamper resistance. A general description of the Tiers are as follows: Tier I - Tamper-Resistant and Weather-Resistant: These bait stations are resistant to weather and to tampering by children and dogs. To be used indoors and outdoors (within 50 feet of buildings, defined as structures that possess walls and a roof). Tier II - Tamper-Resistant (but not weather resistant): These bait stations are resistant to tampering by children and dogs. To be used indoors only. Tier III Tamper-Resistant for Children Only: These bait stations are resistant to tampering by children. To be used indoors only. Tier IV - Tamper-Resistance Unknown: These bait stations must not claim to be tamper resistant. To be used indoors only and only in areas inaccessible to children and pets.

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from CT

Worthless Product


Every year we get mice and eliminate them with granular traps, apparently not available. This year, we hear them scurrying but they won't or can't get at the Tomcat baits...all six remain untouched!

from CT

Worst trap


3 months ago and this so call preloaded station doesn't work. Haven't catch once. However, I placed a regular glue trap and that work fine over and over. I have moved this trapped all over and just catch air.