The Garden Stamp

The Garden Stamp

Garden by the square foot: no more time consuming measuring—just stamp it!

Toss that yardstick! Cast off that cumbersome wooden grid! Stop plotting and start planting with the Garden Stamp. Direct sow seeds into your garden, raised beds or containers and maximize your crop through the efficient use of space—all without having to measure! The sturdy plastic Garden Stamp and Easy Dot Planting Guide are well suited for your urban balcony, suburban backyard, rural homestead, school, allotment, senior center or community garden.

Planting Guides

Learning how to garden? Looking for a simple garden design for a tasty organic harvest? Experimenting with companion planting? Check out The Garden Stamp's Planting Guides for quick and easy reference!

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  • Overall dimensions are 12 in x 12 in
  • Has 25 blunt "spikes", spaced in alternating rows of three and four
  • Each "spike" is 1 in long

Product Features

  • Yellow color, so it does not get lost in the garden
  • Comes with an instruction card with a "dot planting guide" that has recommended planting (spacing) for various vegetables

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars

from wrote :

What a great tool this is - it cuts out measuring, eyeballing or guesswork. OK, it does not go as quickly as the speedy video, but saves much time. My only wish is that the attached, handy plant guide be laminated or plasticized. I kept mine attached to the handle, but it got wet, tore off and got lost. I would love to have a more durable one to take with me when planting, as I am a beginner.

5 Stars Fun product. Quality tool.

from OH wrote :

Makes it much easier for me to plant. Nice weight to it. Love the free guides and worksheets on the website.

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