Square Foot Gardening Kit with Garden Stamp and Plant Markers

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Precision Seed Spacing is Fast and Easy When You Enlist this Handy Kit!

The Square Foot Gardening Kit includes one bright yellow Garden Stamp (#GSTMP) and one set of 3 Seed Pack Plant Markers (#86875).

With the Garden Stamp you can direct sow seeds into your garden, raised beds or containers and maximize your crop through the efficient use of space — all without having to measure! Just 'stamp' the soil with the Garden Stamp and you've got evenly spaced holes for seed planting.

The sturdy plastic stamp measures 12in square and has 25, 1in blunt 'spikes', spaced in alternating rows of three and four. Comes with an instruction guide with recommended plant spacing for various vegetables.

The Seed Pack Plant Markers let you display your seed packet right next to your plant for easy identification. The seed packet slides into a clear plastic coverwhich is enclosed in a metal frame, keeping the packet protected from moisture. Standing 12 inches tall, the metal stake is easy to spot in the garden and requires less bending to read. Package of 3.

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