Spritzer Garden Duster Sprayer

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Spray or Dust with One Easy to Use Tool

Now you don't have to buy a separate sprayer and duster — the Spritzer Garden Duster/Sprayer does it all! The Spritzer Duster is a simple, light and compact way to spray insecticide dust or liquids in your garden. It sprays up or downward, making it easy to treat all areas including the underside of leaves where most bugs hide. This lightweight 30in applicator is so easy to use, just add your liquid or powder and with a gentle hand-pump action the Spritzer Duster emits a fine mist or powder right where you need it.

Product Information


  • Overall length 29"
  • Poly construction

Product Features

Works as a duster or liquid spritzer. Environmentally friendly; no gas motor fumes.


Product is covered by A.M. Leonard's 30 day satisfaction guarantee

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