Spring Scale, Weighs up to 56lb

Spring Scale, Weighs up to 56lb

Easily weigh the fruits and
vegetables of your harvest.

Growing your own plants, vegetables and herbs is a true delight. When the exciting time of harvesting your fruit and vegetables has come, this metal spring scale can be used to weigh the crop. Have bragging rights among your friends and know exactly how much your garden produced. Use this scale to weigh food for cooking or even to assist you when selling your produce. With the handy hook, weights of up to 56 pounds (25 Kg) can be suspended on the scale. 2.2in x 1in x 8.1in.

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  • Measures up to 56 lbs, or 25 kilograms
  • Scale is measured in whole kilograms on one side, and whole pounds on the other (no in-between increments like half-pounds or ounces)
  • Overall length including hook and ring in 9 & 1/4 in

Product Features

  • All metal construction

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Spring Scale, Weighs up to 56lb