Root Riot™ 25-count Tray with Cubes

Root Riot™ 25-count Tray with Cubes

Save while they last, just a few left! See healthy, rapid root growth with the Root Riot™ system.

Root Riot™ Plant Starter Cubes are consumer-friendly and come in a ready-to-use package. The kit includes a black plastic propagation tray without holes, a 25-cube plastic insert and 25 ready-to-plant Root Riot™ Plant Starter Cubes. It also comes with a complimentary 15ml packet of Clonex Rooting Compound Gel, which is the right amount for 50 cuttings.

The Plant Starter Cubes have a great spongy texture which retains an ideal air-to-water ratio for healthy, rapid root growth. Suitable for both propagating cuttings and starting seeds, they have been shown to consistently outperform alternative medias. The Plant Starter Cubes are specially inoculated with both micro-nutrients which help to nourish the young seedlings, and beneficial rooting fungi that naturally aids the root development process in young plants.

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  • Plastic tray is 10 in x 10 in x 2 in
  • Cells are 1 & 1/2 in square
  • Active ingredient on the packet of Clonex is Indole Butyrid Acid. Also has some Thiamine (vitamin B1)

Product Features

  • The Root Riot plugs are made of naturally composted fine milled sphagnum peat moss



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Root Riot™ 25-count Tray with Cubes Root Riot™ 25-count Tray with Cubes