Root Pouch, 25 Gallon with Handle, 4-5 Year, Bundle of 10

Root Pouch, 25 Gallon with Handle, 4-5 Year, Bundle of 10

From recycled natural fibers mixed with recycled plastic bottles otherwise destined for landfills, comes a lightweight, breathable fabric that is crafted into plant pots you can use in your garden, yard or home! These fabric pots are wonderful for plants; roots can cool in summer, and not suffocate from overwatering. The fabric material lets water permeate so there's sufficient drainage without holes in the pot. Plus, they're washable and reusable!

A healthier alternative for the environment! Every year, millions of plastic pots require petroleum and fossil fuels to be created, and then eventually they are discarded to clog up our landfills. Because they're made from flexible fabric, there's no worries about pots chipping or breaking, or having to clean up pot shards like with clay pots. Whenever and wherever you would use a plastic or clay pot, consider our Root Pouch and make a wiser choice for your local environment!

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  • 21" W x 16 & 1/2" H
  • 25 gallon
  • 10 per bundle
  • Comes with attached handles
  • 4 to 5 years above ground longevity (begins when you fill it with growing media and put it in the field)

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Customer Reviews

3 Stars Disapointed

from ME wrote :

I use 25 gallon pots, use the handles only with dry dirt as they will break. The bottoms are thin and rip .

3 Stars Nice Concept Calling for Enhanced Materials

from TX wrote :

I have several sizes of these handled pots in both the black and more durable brown. Lifting without maintaining a straight vertical lift produces broken handles. After 1 month several of the pot walls are thin or have 1-2 inch holes simply from the dog running into them in the pursuit of squirrels -- which by the way, shredded one for their nest. Oh my. I spent the extra money hoping these would last as advertised but I don't see that happening.