Root Pouch 150 Gallon Non Degradable Grow Bag Brown
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Root Pouch 150 Gallon Non-Degradable Grow Bag, Brown

Affordable Mega Root Pouch Sets Up in an Instant to Create a Raised Bed Garden

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of growing in a Root Pouch and a raised bed with our 45" wide, 150 gallon Non-Degradable Mega Grow Bag.

Made from recycled food grade plastic bottles along with a mixture of jute and bamboo, the fabric of these bags assist in keeping an even moisture retention throughout the bed, prevents heat build-up, and allows excess water to drain away.

The breathable fabric also helps to naturally prune the roots of the plant, creating a more rigorous and fibrous root system for a stronger, healthier plant.

At 22" deep, this bed has ample depth to grow a variety of crops. Unlike other shorter bags, our deeper bags can be folded down allowing you to customize the bed's depth to meet your growing needs.

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