Quick Start Germination Tray with 2-inch Dome

Quick Start Germination Tray with 2-inch Dome

This is not a cheap, disposable system—use this hothouse year after year to grow healthy seedlings for your garden!

Several unique features make this kit a winner:
  • High-tech styrofoam tray is designed with a smooth, high-density surface that does not allow roots to penetrate; that makes seedling removal stress-free for you AND the seedlings! Plus, the cavities are engineered for vigorous downward root movement.
  • The tray floats on water for even hydration for the seedlings. Simply fill the bottom tray with water and set the styrofoam into the water holding tray. Unlike trays that use capillary action, the Quick Start Germination Tray enables optimal water intake by the seedlings, and there is NO matting of roots to any surface! This floating technology has been proven successful by the commercial industry for over 30 years!
  • The lid fits snugly into the bottom tray to conserve any condensation. Any moisture that collects on the lid simply trickles back into the water reservoir instead of making a mess on the shelf.
  • Tray has room for 55 seedlings or cuttings.
Optional Quick Start Plugs, #QSP55
Made out of 97% recycled organic ingredients. Improved rooting of seeds and cuttings with earlier transplant capabilities. Increased water holding capacity for better growth. Ideal for all types of vegetables, flowers and cuttings.
Quick Start Plugs (#QSP55) sold separately here.

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  • Tray is 21 in x 11 in x 2 & 1/4 in
  • 55 plug holes
  • Each plug hole is 1 & 1/2 in across

Product Features

  • Comes with a clear dome to trap warmth for the seedlings
  • Uses the QSP55 Quick Start Plugs

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Customer Reviews

3 Stars Not sure yet

from TN wrote :

First of all, this product took 5 weeks from the time I ordered it to receive it. As suggested, I ordered the growing pellets to go with it, not knowing that mine would come already filled with a growing medium. No instructions were included, so I don't know how much water to add, etc. The jury is still out...

Gardeners Edge responds: We apologize for your wait. This new product took longer than expected to receive and was not supposed to include a growing medium. The vendor is sending us the correct product this week, which will be the Quick Start Germination Tray without the growing medium.

Quick Start Germination Tray with 2-inch Dome Quick Start Germination Tray with 2-inch Dome