NRG PRO Bulb Planter Auger

Innovative super-tools offer a better grip, increased leverage, and more power to tackle tough jobs. The patent pending "O"handle lets you position your hands more naturally, with four times the gripping surface of conventional tools to lessen fatigue. Widened, elevated, offset blade steps for better leverage and foot comfort. An integrated steel core the length of the shaft ensures that these tools won't bend or break. Made from the highest quality materials to last a lifetime.

Bulb Auger—Carbon steel auger head has an extended blade tip, and teeth designed to cut into compacted soil. Measurement indicators make it easy to place bulbs and corms at correct planting depth.

4.68 lbs
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  • 41 and 3/8" overall
  • Bulb planter is 6" deep, with a 2 and 3/4" opening
  • "O" handle is 7 and 1/2" across overall
  • Weighs approx 4 and 1/2 lbs

Product Features

Foot pegs for use in tough soil Depth markings at one, three and five inches


Manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee

Review Summary (Based on 2 Reviews)

Customer Reviews

4 Stars Excellent digger; prone to rust

J from Chester County from PA wrote (September 25, 2011):

This digger quickly digs round chunks of soil. With two people, one person can pop the bulbs in the hole while the other hops around on the digger. In heavy soil, you need to jump on the digger with vigor. The harder you jump, the deeper the hole. This is helpful when you are planting bulbs with different soil depth requirements. We planted hundreds of daffodils, muscari, and bluebells in one month using this tool. Unfortunately, this stainless steel digger has rusted after just one season. It was kept indoors all winter. We purchased the entire set of tools sold as the NRG PRO tool gift set which was marketed as stainless steel. Of course, we wonder if the remainder will rust too.

5 Stars I liked this auger so much, I bought two

Cleaper from NY wrote (September 23, 2011):

I bought this auger because I do a lot of planting, but my back has begun to complain about the bending. After trying out my own and finding that it cut way down on the need to bend from the waist, I gave a second one to a gardener friend who is retiring. Digs a nice deep hole for bulbs or for transplanting perennials or even planting vegetable sets. Nice and heavy duty. I love it.