Pow 'R' kraft 4-Ton Log Splitter

Pow 'R' kraft 4-Ton Log Splitter

Split wood faster than you can stack! Each splitting stroke takes only 7 seconds forward and 8 seconds back. The Pow ‘R' kraft splitter makes consistent, safe cuts on logs up to 20"long and 10"in diameter (12"on most woods). The 4 tons of RAM force generated by the 1,500 watt electric motor will have you stacking easy-to-handle splits in no time! Ground fault breaker protects against circuit overload, runs on regular household current. Measures 37"L x 20"H x 11"W, weighs 97 lb. Oversized, add $30 additional shipping.

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  • NOTE: Wood splitter is not intended for use on the ground. Photo illustration is to demonstrate log placement of the 65556. Owner's manual calls for mounting it on a wood bench approximately 30" high.
  • 4 tons of RAM splitting force
  • Measures 37" L x 20" H x 11" W
  • 15 Amp motor
  • 1500 watt
  • 1 and 1/4 HP
  • Weighs 97 lbs
  • Hydraulic pressure: 2320 psi
  • Hydraulic oil capacity: 3.7 quarts

Product Features

Splits logs up to 20" long and 10" in diameter (capable of 12" in many woods) All steel construction


Two-year manufacturer warranty


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