Pop-Up Collapsible Rain Barrel, 104 Gallon

Pop-Up Collapsible Rain Barrel, 104 Gallon

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You'll appreciate the generous capacity of these easy-storing pop up rain barrels. Plus, the entire top zips open for cleaning, or to dip your watering can for fast filling. Tough triple-thick polyester is UV treated and puncture/tear resistant to last through many seasons of use (3 year manufacturer's warranty for normal use). Includes debris filter, standard hose thread tap, and overflow valve.

7.900000 lbs
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  • 104 gallon capacity
  • 32" wide x 32" high
  • UV treated polyester

Product Features

  • Triple-thick
  • Opening at the top catches water from your downspout
  • Overflow spout
  • Green color

Product Benefits

  • The triple layers resist bursting
  • Opening at the top directs water in without having to keep the lid completely off; eliminates anything from falling in
  • Overflow spout keeps you from having to keep the lid off to prevent overfilling
  • Green blends in with landscape


Three year manufacturer warranty



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