Plant Watering Spikes Set of 6
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New! Plant Watering Spikes, Set of 6

Deliver Water to Your Plants' Roots — Right Where They Need It Most!

Simply fill a used 1 or 2 liter plastic bottle with tap water, screw the spike onto the bottle and push the spike into the ground next to the plant you want to water. Water runs through small holes in the spike and flows directly to the root zone where it is most needed.

A must-have for container gardening, or for thirsty tomatoes and peppers during the hot summer months. Water Spikes are the perfect means to deliver water-soluble fertilizers and amendments to plants. Sold in a set of 6.

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  • 6" spike
  • Polypropylene construction
  • Sold in a pack of 6

Product Features

  • Up-cycle used water and soda bottles
  • Conserves water by delivering it under soil where plants need it most
  • Keep plants watered while you're away
  • Fits most plastic water or soda bottles
  • Remove bottom of the bottle so you can fill without unscrewing the spike from the bottle
  • Set of six spikes

Product Benefits

  • You can deliver fertilizer to plants closer to the root
  • You can save water; it goes straight where it's needed and does not run off
  • Environmentally friendly; it finds a use for those empty two-liter bottles


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Review Summary (Based on 4 Reviews)

Customer Reviews

2 Stars There Are Better Soutions

from VA wrote :

I agree with Earnest Sealey's review. The bottles must be taped in order to function consistently. Also, filling the bottles with sand (to a line you can't see) is messy and imprecise. A few stray grains of loose sand clog the holes and stop the water flow. Sadly, I ended up paying $$ to waste time. A better fix: going onto YouTube and looking at the videos about how to use soda bottles effectively to irrigate for free.

3 Stars Good, but don't leave over winter

from WI wrote :

I have used earlier versions of these in gardens that are too far for my hose or I want to feed with liquid fertilizer. Worked well, but I left out over winter and the portion where the bottle connects have split. So, don't be lazy- take them in at the end of the season if you live up north.

5 Stars These Worked Great!

from FL wrote :

I used these with 2 liter bottles and they worked great. I put them in my root pouches and loved the results. Obviously not all plastic bottles are made the same but I would say a majority would fit these. Good value.

1 Star Plant Watering Spikes, Set of 6

from FL wrote :

This product is bogus. Please do not buy it. First of all the spike does not fit the bottle neck of any water bottle. Had to tape the bottle neck in order for it to fit. Having the spike screwed on properly and ensuring no leaks around the bottle neck plus following the instructions as written on the package, the water in the bottle (16 oz size) lasted only 10 minutes. I was expecting the water to drain out of the bottle for at least 30 minutes or greater.

Gardener's Edge responds: For best results when using the watering spikes to gradually release water while you are away, thoroughly water the potted plant prior to putting a watering spike into the pot. If the planting mix is dry the watering spike will immediately release water and will continue to release it until the soil is fully dampened. That may use most of the water in the bottle very quickly, thus considerably reducing the watering duration. If the soil is pre-dampened, the watering spike will then release just enough water as the soil dries to keep the pot dampened.

Many water bottles have been re-engineered to make less waste. Their screw tops are no longer as large and may not fit the spikes. Most soda bottles have the standard larger threading that will fit the water spikes well.

WS6P_1.jpg Plant Watering Spikes Set of 6 Plant Watering Spikes Set of 6 Plant Watering Spikes Set of 6 Plant Watering Spikes Set of 6 Plant Watering Spikes Set of 6 Plant Watering Spikes Set of 6