Pickup Wizard For Large Fruits and Nuts (1.25-inch diameter minimum)

Pickup Wizard For Large Fruits and Nuts (1.25-inch diameter minimum)

Reduce hours of back breaking work with this handy gadget.

Just roll the pickup wizard over nuts, fruits, or other objects lying on the ground and the spring wire head traps them inside the wire cage. When it's full, simply spread the wire and the captured items fall right out. Or use the wire dumper to make emptying even easier. Dumper attaches to a 5-gallon bucket or box. Don't limit your imagination! Basket is 11" wide and 9 1/2" deep.

Use for general pickup including: almonds, black walnuts in their husks, liquid amber seed balls, hickory pig nuts, limes, lemons, oranges, apples, golfballs, tennis balls (from 1.25-inch to 4-inch diameter). For smaller items like acorns or crabapples, etc., please consider the NW12. Made in the USA.

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Basket is 10" wide and 9.5" deep. Wood handle is 4' long. From outside of basket to outside is 12 7/8".


Product is covered by A.M. Leonard's 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


Picture comparing NWW and NW12


  • QUESTION: Which of the two Nut Wizards will pick up those spikey "sweetgumballs" that fall off a Sweetgum Tree?
  • ANSWER: Our feedback from customers on this is that the large one, the NWW, works best. The small one does not work well because the basket wires are too close together to allow the spikey balls to pass through.

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Customer Reviews

4 Stars Not the best for all sized sweet gum balls.

from SC wrote :

The container capacity is perfect, but this does not pick up all sized sweet gum balls like the other smaller tool does.

5 Stars Highly recommend this time-saver

from TN wrote :

I use this to pick-up walnuts and it works great, saving me a LOT of time over picking them up individually.

2 Stars Worked great at first, but........

from PA wrote :

Worked great the first month or so, but then the mesh ball begins to flatten out and becomes very difficult to use.

5 Stars Black Walnuts

from IL wrote :

This works better than could ever be imagined. Easily picks up messy black walnuts - even those partially mashed into the grass.

5 Stars nut wizard

from PA wrote :

Rarely does a product work as advertised. I received my nut wizard 2 days ago. I picked up more nuts in less than an hour then I could in 2 days by hand. You have a home run with this product.

5 Stars a very handy helper

from IL wrote :

I bought this for my husband. He thought it was a gimmick! He viewed the video, and tried it. This is one of the best tools I bought for him. He did rig up a bigger heavy duty plastic container, for emptying. What a back saver this is. Thanks

5 Stars Fantastic

from MI wrote :

I was hoping for some help with the walnuts. This thing is wonderful! It is fun? To pick up walnuts? I can hardly get it away from the grandkids. You won't be disappointed.

5 Stars Great back saver

from WI wrote :

I have three black walnut trees(very large and mature) Purchased large one in August. What a pleasure to use and it was so much easy on my back. One would be best to purchase a smaller one also for the smaller nuts, they have a tendency to not be picked up with the big one.

5 Stars Garden Girl

from WI wrote :

This thing is beter than sliced bread. I have to date helped sell about 10 of these, should have bought stock in them. If you have apple trees or walnut trees to clean up after your life will be made easier with this tool and who doesn't need that.

5 Stars Totally worth it, even for once a year use

from NY wrote :

I use the Wizard to pick up black walnuts; absolutely unbeatable. I can actually keep up with the harvest and that enables me to process many more nuts. Just looking at it, you'd never guess how well it works!

5 Stars The Nut Wizard's Fantastic

from CT wrote :

We've got an enormous Pig nut Hickory tree by the side of our driveway which produces a huge supply of pig nuts every August. They are hard, heavy, bright green nuts almost the size of golf balls. (It hurts when they plunk you on the head!) Until I bought the Nut Wizard it was nearly impossible to pick them up and they make an unsightly, dangerous mess on the driveway. But all my problems were solved with the Nut Wizard. It collects all the pig nuts (on both the driveway and the lawn) quickly, by simply rolling over them, with no fuss, and allows you to dispose of them as quickly as you pick them up. The only ones who don't like it are the local squirrels who have now been deprived of their usual August fare!

5 Stars VERY Pleasantly Surprised!!!

from NY wrote :

Ordered it by phone-the representative said she had a friend that had used it and it worked-bought it still being a little skeptical... it worked wonderfully. Have been hand picking up thousands of walnuts every year-this will certainly help save the back. The dumper works very well with a straight edged pail. Just wish it would pick up the pieces of the broken ripened ones that fall. Would consider buying another so two people could work at one time.

5 Stars Nut Wizard - 2 thumbs up

from NJ wrote :

This Nut Wizard is BETTER than sliced bread! I have only 1 black walnut tree but it's over 100 years old and really produces lots of nuts annually. It's always a chore to bend over and pick these nuts up, hard on the back to keep bending over. Wish I'd found this years ago!

5 Stars Great product

from HI wrote :

This is a great product and works well on limes, lemons, and oranges. Saves a lot of bending.

5 Stars nut Wizard

from MO wrote :

The nut wizard has been a great tool for gathering walnuts. My 3year old grandson uses it every time he comes over to visit. He loves picking up nuts with the walnut wizard.

5 Stars I Love the Nut Wizard!

from MI wrote :

This thing is Awesome! I bought it to pick up apples from our wild apple orchard, the apples don't get too big but there are thousands, what a back saver! Thank You

5 Stars Item # NWW - Performs Better than expected!

from KY wrote :

We have many black walnut trees on our property. In years past, the neighbors children wanted to pick them up - they were young and enjoyed getting some $ for the nuts cashed in at a local business. This year, we decided to pick them up ourselves. The nut wizard is incredibly efficient and easy to use. It's definitely a "wizard".

5 Stars Absolutely Awesome!!!

from KY wrote :

I can't thank you enough for this wonderful product... My back also thanks you - As a baby boomer headed into retirement this item will keep me active with a smile on my face and I can still enjoy my Walnut trees and reap the reward of my walnuts without a sore back!!! Thank you once again!!

5 Stars Amazing work saver

from OH wrote :

We typically pick up 10 to 12 five gal. buckets of walnuts a year. Dreaded back/knee breaking job. Now my wife gets out there about every other day and beats me to it. Great tool. Don't hesitate to buy one.

5 Stars Nut Wizard is THE Best Tool for Black Walnuts!!!

from WI wrote :

We have several large Black Walnut trees on our property and picking up nuts is a real chore. Nut Wizard makes it fun and bushels of walnuts can be removed from the yard in a very short time. Best tool I've purchased this year! Do not hesitate to buy it.

5 Stars nut wizard

from OH wrote :

It saves time like you wouldn't believe! I use it just before I mow. My yard is full of walnut and hickory trees. Saves a lot of back bending and strain as well. One of the best purchases I've made.

5 Stars Better than sliced bread.

from WI wrote :

If you like bending over hundreds of times a day along with getting blackened stained hands then this is not the product for you.

5 Stars Nutty Tool!

from IN wrote :

This tool is great! For years I have crawled around in the grass, bent over, and gotten brown stained hands picking up black walnuts. This tool has saved my knees and back. It works just as well on apples.

5 Stars Great back saver!

from TN wrote :

The large nut tool is super! It really does a great job on black walnuts. We always dreaded this time of the year and the back breaking job of cleaning up the walnuts, but this tool makes it an easy job. It picks them up in flower beds and even among the iris. We recommend this tool; it is definitely worth the cost.

4 Stars my back loves it

from OH wrote :

no more stooping and bending, love it

5 Stars lg fruit pickup wiz

from VA wrote :

it's a pleasure and fun to use! my black walnut trees have been a pain in the back for two momths each year for 12 years.

5 Stars Nut Wizard saves time, energy & your back

from CA wrote :

I have a Liquidamber tree that produces hundreds of golf ball size seed balls. I've used everything from a rake to a shop vac to pick them up, but since they fall continuously from October to January, the Nut Wizard is just a marvelous invention that's handy to pick up these messy pods. I used the small Nut Wizard to pick up these seed pods, but the larger one is great for apples and oranges. If you buy one, you will certainly wonder why you didn't buy one sooner. It's well made and I've had the small one for over ten years and it's just like new. That's the pros of this item and I don't have any cons. I love tools that make my life easier.

5 Stars nut wizard back saver

from IL wrote :

I really like it. It saves on my back. great thing to have to pick up walnuts. we have so many walnut trees and when they drop down in the Fall, this tool is fantastic.

5 Stars nut wizard

from IN wrote :

Nut Wizard is very handy for gathering black walnuts. It is a true time saver!

5 Stars nut wizard

from OH wrote :

Love it. First had the small one for acorns. Loved it so much I got the big one for the black walnuts. It is really easy to use and empties quickly.

5 Stars Loved It!!

from WI wrote :

I bought the Nut Wizard to pick up apples off the ground in our apple orchard. First let me say I and my employees LOVE IT. I even bought one for my parents. It makes their job 10 times faster.You don't get a back ache from bending down all of the time. The only thing I didn't like was that sometimes the tines can cut through the skin on the apples.

4 Stars Nut Wizard is worth every penny

from CA wrote :

I had already owned the small Nut Wizard which worked very well but didn't hold many of the picky balls from my liquidamber tree. The larger one that I purchased a couple of months ago works just as well and has a big capacity. I had ordered two of the large units and gave one of them to a relative for Christmas. He loves it. He says it's the best thing since sliced bread! So,if you've got picky balls, nuts, or golf balls this is something you'll never be sorry you got. It saves a lot of time and it also saves your back!

4 Stars Nut Wizzard

from UT wrote :

This new tool is a back saver. Just roll the ball over the nuts and it picks them up. It doesn't pick up nuts in long matted grass or that have been stomped into the ground, but other that that is worked well. It was easy to use, so easy in fact that the children wanted to do it. It is not easy to find a job little ones will stick with but they all wanted a turn and I just had to point them in the right direction.

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Pickup Wizard For Large Fruits and Nuts (1.25-inch diameter minimum) Pickup Wizard For Large Fruits and Nuts (1.25-inch diameter minimum) Pickup Wizard For Large Fruits and Nuts (1.25-inch diameter minimum) Pickup Wizard For Large Fruits and Nuts (1.25-inch diameter minimum) Pickup Wizard For Large Fruits and Nuts (1.25-inch diameter minimum)