Max Tapener Hand-Tying Machine

Max Tapener Hand-Tying Machine

Ties plants with a simple squeeze so that one person can do the work of three!

When you have a big plant tying job to do, you need the Max Tapener machine. You simply can't get a better or faster tie! A proven time-saver: just squeeze the handle to stretch tape between the jaws, and you are ready to wrap around a stem. A second squeeze staples and cuts off the tape—it's that easy! Tie ribbon, staples and spare blades not included, sold separately.

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Stapler and blade area are metal, tape holder/dispenser is plastic. Jaw opening is 2". Staples, tape, and blades are sold separately. However 1 extra blade is included with each HTB2.


A.M. Leonard's down to earth guarantee. This product is covered under A.M. Leonard's full one year guarantee against manufacturer defects for products when used under normal conditions.


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QUESTION: What diameter tape works with the Tapener?
ANSWER: The Tapener uses 1/2" diameter tape, such as the 401GP or 402GP.
QUESTION: What is the difference between the HTB2 and the HTB?
ANSWER: The HTB is the same as the HTB2 but the tape drum is smaller and is green. It only holds shorter length tapes; 120' or shorter, 1/2" diameter of course. The HTB2 has the orange drum and can hold tapes up to 300' long. Otherwise they are so identical they both use the same parts.

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars Easy tying

from GA wrote :

I have 600 seedlings and wanted a quick and easy way to tie these when I stake them. I first bought a cheap imitation from another site but I lasted less than a week. The Max Tapener has held up great.

5 Stars Max Tapener

from NE wrote :

The max tapener is easy to use and saves a lot of time. Easy to load the ribbon and has a variety of ribbon colors to choose from.

4 Stars used with tomatoes and pole beans

from CT wrote :

keeps one hand free to select the shoot or vine to be tied, or picked up out of the way of cultivators,etc. - much faster than twistems - [a world better than the less expensive knock-off]

5 Stars Perfect for Christmas Trees

from OK wrote :

This is our third year to use the Max Tapener on our Christmas Tree farm. It is great for training your trees to grow strait. It is a fairly delicate piece of equipment that must be treated as such. Any abuse will cause you alot of headache. Overall we are very pleased with the product, its ease of use and cost effectiveness.

5 Stars Max Tapener Hand Tying Machine

from PA wrote :

My staff and I have used the Max Tapener tool for staking thousands of trees, and it is an excellent time saving and highly effective tool. You do need to read the instructions to properly set it up, but when you do so and use it correctly, it is a wonderful time and labor saving tool. It is well engineered and I am very happy with the productivity and cost savings that I have gained from it. Thanks, Robert

5 Stars Productivity R Us

from TX wrote :

I run a small winery and commercial winegrape vineyard, and have for the last 12 years. After having tried most of the different methods for securing canes to trellis wires I have come to realize that the costs of using the Max Tapener and the white embossed tape are more than offset by productivity gains. The gadget is easy to use, reasonably durable and easy to keep track of. A number of my colleagues have tried to convince me that the Tapener is not reliable but when questioned I find that they are either abusing the machine or they don't understand that the blades need to be changed rather frequently. That being said, they don't last forever and when they start to jam too often or the little piece that holds the cutoff blade in place gets bent and won't hold the blade I throw it away and start with a new one. It's just become one of the costs of doing business.

5 Stars

from NC wrote :

Tapener is a great tool for use in a grape vinyard. It is easy to use and cuts time down by 80% when supporting vines.

5 Stars Quick and simple to use

from KY wrote :

Works great,saves time,simple,low cost!

5 Stars Impress your friends with your Tapener tying speed!

from NE wrote :

Actually, I didn't even know what a tapener was until my wife and I bought a house with a vineyard (I'd think twice about that one again). The Max Tapener is very well built and easy to load (once you actually read the directions). I only have about 160 vines but this sure beats trying to hand tie (or use zip ties, which will strangle the vine) the vines to the stakes and lines. Bought a replacement blade, three roles of tape, and one box of staples, which is plenty for a smaller scale vineyard like mine for at least a couple seasons. Good service from A.M. Leonard as well.

5 Stars Great product

from NY wrote :

Great product/tool. It made quick work of holding my young grape vines off of the ground. It worked as fast as I could walk through my 2 acres.

5 Stars Vineyard

from IN wrote :

It save me alot time and money as you don't use a lot of tape. Great product.Plan to order another one. Ron R.

5 Stars Its quick

from TX wrote :

Its a pleasure to use. The only problem was the tape was indented to prevent it from unrolling in storeage and when trying to use the tape would not unroll. After stripping off the tape past the indention it was great.

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Max Tapener Hand-Tying Machine Max Tapener Hand-Tying Machine Max Tapener Hand-Tying Machine Max Tapener Hand-Tying Machine