MagniMoist Precut 12-14

MagniMoist Precut 12-14" Basket Liner

With MagniMoist lining your container, water won’t leave your basket until your plant is completely hydrated. Its Smart Fibers (all-natural Kenaf, a hibiscus derivative), deflect water back into the dry soil above. Only when the soil is fully saturated will MagniMoist become porous and release any excess water. Reduces fertilizer runoff, too! A U.S.-grown alternative with NO chemical binders and NO fumigants (try finding that with imported coco or moss!)

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  • Fits 14" baskets (22" fabric pre-cut to fit a 14" basket)
  • Made of Kenaf, which derives from hibiscus

Product Features

  • The fibers deflect the water back into dry soil during watering. When the soil is fully saturated the fiber becomes porous, releasing only the excess water. This keeps a steady hydration of soil

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MagniMoist Precut 12-14 MagniMoist Precut 12-14