Leonard Rigid Plastic Mesh Tree Guards, Set of 5

Tough protection against deer, weed trimmers and more. Plus, these guards blend in beautifully to please the eye.

An attractive solution to animal and lawn care equipment damage! Deer, squirrels, rabbits and woodchucks cannot bite or rub tree bark through this rigid plastic open mesh. Trunks are shielded by open mesh, which prevents moisture and mildew buildup. Also, the protectors won't harbor insects and animals, and won't inhibit growth.

These tubes are more attractive than other solutions and designed to blend right in. Flexible and easy to install. Choose your length below, each with a 4-inch diameter. Sold in bundles of 5.

Item # Length Stock Status 1–49 50+ Qty
BG24 2 ft (24 inches) In Stock $15.99 $12.99
BG36 3 ft (36 inches) In Stock $22.99 $19.49
BG48 4 ft (48 inches) In Stock $28.99 $23.49

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from WA

Great deer thwarting device


I have ten backyard fruit trees, no fence, and lots of deer. I planted the trees bare root two years ago (apples, plums, cherries, peach, apricot). I used the 2' version of these at the start to keep rodents away from the trunks, and made small, round cages out of t-stakes and wire fencing to keep the deer away. The cages were only meant to be temp b/c our neighborhood has rules about landscaping, and the cages were pushing it. This year 8 of the trees were robust enough to take the cages down, prune off the lower branches, and use the 4' protectors. (Usually I would prefer to keep the lower branches on the trees longer, but for the deer/neighborhood rules). The trunk protectors have worked beautifully. The browse height of our deer is around 5', so these protect most of the trunk. On a few of the trees I shifted the old 2' protectors to overlap at the top to get the 5' of protection. Although quite rigid, the protectors are easy enough to take on/off to snip growth from the trunks, etc. And they blend in enough that they look fine in our landscaped neighborhood. I love my orchard! Note: the trunk needs to be pretty straight for the 4' length to work (they are very rigid). If you have a curved trunk, you might consider a couple of the 2' length to allow some articulation.

from IL

Great protection


Great protection for my trees. Wish they would make it in a bigger diameter for larger trees.

from NC

Fantastic Tree Guard


Great protection. Keeps deer off fruit trees.

from MI

Perfect Choice


I like these tree guards because they stop deer from rubbing against the trees and since it isn't a solid piece of hard plastic, bugs are not a concern. The price is also great.

from VA

Good New Tree Protection


We live in a rural area with lots of deer and other critters and these combined with deer spray and deer netting help to keep them protected, especially while the tree is young and becoming established. The main drawback is in the Fall when bucks rub their antlers on them and force them off the tree. Occasionally, we will lose a tree from this behavior, but most of the time we just put them back on and spray the tree guard again. As they only come so tall, sometimes we have to cut one into smaller sections and combine with the taller tree guard in order to protect taller trees.

from OH

Good Protection...Inconspicuous


These keep the deer away and yet, are inconspicuous enough that I leave them on year round. A great product!

from MO

Best Tree Wrap


These are a nice heavy quality wrap that is easy to wrap around the tree and attach.

from IN

It works!


Two years ago we lost all newly planted willows to beaver and most evergreens to deer along with three small hardwood trees to antler attacks last year. Frustrating when I am trying to build a wildlife refuge for the very critters that are denuding the trunks of their hard mast trees. I read that these things are deer and beaver proof yet allow for partial trunk sun scald protection and allow plenty of air flow. Bought enough 48" tree bark protectors to cover everything under 4" in diameter and used small black cabled ties to secure the seam. Some protectors had to be trimmed with wire cutters to fit shorter trees but the fit was tight between the ground and first level of branching so a beaver could not easily pry it up to get to the trunk. Now the wildlife forest refuge looks more like a well groomed urban park. Beautiful but would they work? I waited intrepidly till the annual fall antler rub tree jousting events. My husband observed ...

from KS

Tree Protectors


I have a large number of young dwarf and semi dwarf fruit trees and wanted an easy to apply guard to protect them. One buck likes to use one particular tree as a rub to protect his turf. We have loads of rabbits that are threats to gnaw and girdle the trunks. I have been using corrugated plastic drain pipe but it has been less than satisfactory. This mesh is flexible and easy to install. Being open rather than closed like the corrugated pipe keeps the trunk in view so any insect problems can be readily seen. This is an excellent solution for these reasons.

from NY

bark protectors


Work great to protect from deer rubs and girdling by rabbits. Don't get these expecting protection from mice or voles. May injure bark in high wind areas.

from NJ

Deer Protection


This product keeps the bucks from scraping the bark off my young tree trunks. While no product of this type is pretty, this is a lot less obtrusive than the ugly white spiral tubes that I've used in the past.

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