Leonard Poly Scoop Shovel

Leonard Poly Scoop Shovel

A true multi-purpose shovel for all weather!

From landscaping to cleaning decks and unloading pickup trucks, this scoop is up to the task! Its non-stick surface is great for snow removal, scooping mulch, and even gravel.

One-piece molded poly construction means it will never rust, rot, or break. The D-grip handle offers good leverage, too. Holds up to extreme weather conditions as well. Safe to use on any surface. A large 14-inch x 17-inch blade, with an overall 42-inch (3.5 foot) length. Lifetime warranty.

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  • 14 in x 17 in blade
  • 42 in long overall
  • Weighs 4 lbs

Product Features

  • Bright orange color
  • D-grip handle
  • Holds up to extreme weather conditions
  • Safe to use on any surface; non-damaging exterior
  • Single-piece construction, with nothing to rust, rot, or break

Product Benefits

  • Orange color means it's easy to find in the landscape, less likely to leave it behind
  • D-grip handle offers good leverage
  • The fact that it holds up under extreme weather means versatility of seasonal use; use it all year 'round
  • Non-stick surface is great for any application, from snow removal to scooping grain
  • Single-piece rust and rot free construction means no need to replace it any time soon


A.M. Leonard, Inc. warrants all its tools identified with the "A.M. Leonard Lifetime Warranty" to be free from material defects for the life of the tool

Review Summary (Based on 24 Reviews)

Customer Reviews

5 Stars Wonderful shovel

from MO wrote :

This is a great shovel. We usually order a load of mulch and this made it so much easier than a normal shovel. great product.

5 Stars Best shovel

from WV wrote :

Puchased this for my husband for Christmas. He loves it! He likes the size of the shovel - takes care of a lot of snow. Would recommend.

4 Stars Poly scoop shovel

from OH wrote :

I bought this to move snow and mulch. It is very sturdy and should do a fine job. But we have had no snow to shovel this year and mulch season has not yet arrived so I have not actually been able to use it.

5 Stars Great Shovel!

from GA wrote :

We use our two shovels working with sand. They are very light and durable and we have not left one at the job site since they are so visible.

4 Stars Leonard Poly Scoop Shovel

from FL wrote :

This shovel was purchased to fill containers with potting soil to grow plants. The shovel seems indestructible. The scoop is too small for my purpose. It would be beneficial if Leonard could offer this shovel with a larger scoop also.

5 Stars Poly Scoop & Plow Shovels with Big Grip

from MD wrote :

Great Product. Extremely efficient, durable & practical. "We just have to keep an eye on them regarding theft, as, they are very popular!"

5 Stars Excellent Poly Scoop Shovel

from NY wrote :

Super sturdy, easy-to-locate bright color, perfect size!

5 Stars Excellent Poly Scoop Shovel

from NY wrote :

Super sturdy, easy-to-locate bright color, perfect size!

5 Stars A.M. Leonard poly scoop

from OH wrote :

Overall this is an excellent tool, I love the one piece design. My only complaint would be that the scoop have a larger capacity.

5 Stars

from PA wrote :

It's a great scoop. Lightweight and durable

5 Stars poly scoop

from PA wrote :

We love the poly scoop. Last year I bought 11 different scoop shovels and my crews broke all of them and this year I bought three poly shovels in the spring and it's almost oct and we still have all three. We almost lost one of them by leaving it at a job but the foreman saw it from a few hundred yards off because of its color. I won't buy another type of scoop shovel.

5 Stars Fantastic

from OR wrote :

This has been a great shovel, used daily in our tree service. It doesn't leave marks on pavement like an aluminum shovel, has a deep basin to hold a lot of material and doesn't get bent like aluminum. We use it sometimes to push material into our large chipper with no worry as to damaging the chipper if the shovel were to go through. Crew loves them, two thumbs up.

5 Stars

from NE wrote :

Excellent product enjoyed by the entire staff. Light weight yet, very durable. We will be buying more.

4 Stars Poly scoop vs. aluminum scoop shovel, plastic scoop.

from DE wrote :

I give this scoop a 4.5 for being rugged and holding up to the punishment I give it every day. I'm an arborist and I use it to pick up rakings from tree chipping operations and to help push debris safely into the chipper. The plastic scoops don't hold up long and the aluminum scoops wear out as well and can bend. Being all poly I don't have to worry if it does get pulled into the chipper, there are no metal parts to harm the blades. All arborists probably know how quickly the wood push paddles break and should consider the poly scoop as a safe alternative and they scoop up rakings as well. My only complaint is that it is a bit unbalanced, being heavy toward the scoop end.

4 Stars Good Product

from MD wrote :

This shovel is a great product. I havent had any problems with it. I use it for many things. It's durable and it holds up.

4 Stars Hesitant at first

from PA wrote :

I was hesitant to buy this shovel because it is all polymer/heavy duty plastic. Ironically that is its best feature. I own a medium size landscape company and we install tons of mulch, hardscapes and do tree work. This shovel hardly shows any wear after an entire season. It is not going to rust and there aren't any handle parts to break. In fact the "D" handle is comfortable. Not only is this scoop seemingly indestructible but it is light weight and priced fairly. I would recommend this shovel to anyone who currently uses the aluminum grain/transfer shovel. My only criticism is its size. If the shovel were 10% larger in the actual scoop part I would have rated it "5 stars." So if you make it a little bigger I personally will buy several more.

5 Stars Great Shovel

from MA wrote :

I bought this for snow removal - it was great - we also are using it in our landscape construction division.

5 Stars Leonard Poly Scoop

from TX wrote :

It is nice to have an indestructible (poly), easily locatable (orange), light, yet durable shovel when you live in Texas, because you never know if you will need to shovel up sand, mulch, gravel, snow (yes snow), or roadkill. This shovel can do it all. Also I figure if I can break that thing, I need to quit working so hard.

5 Stars Poly scoop shovel review

from CT wrote :

Great shovel for clearing snow from wooden porches and steps, cleaning up on landscape jobs, and can take a lot of abuse.

5 Stars Leonard poly scoop

from IL wrote :

It's great! Very sturdy, and versatile. After our snowy winter, it got a great deal of use. Looking forward to using it again.

5 Stars poly snow shovel

from MA wrote :

This is the best snow shovel i have ever owned. It is lightweight but really tough and very durable. It is at a better angle to scoop the snow and toss it. I will probably purchase another one soon so i can have one in both my trucks for the upcoming winter season.

5 Stars Leonard poly scoop shovel

from MA wrote :

Shovel has been fantastic. I bought 6 over a year ago and all 6 are still in use and still going strong. Survived pavement, woodchips, icy snowbanks, and being run over. Highly recomend!

5 Stars Poly Shovel #AP140

from MD wrote :

I purchased two of these snow shovels for my neighbor as well as myself. It all happened after I was shoveling for three hours and laid the shovel behind my car, and came out and decided to start my car, and try to flatten the snow with my car. You guessed it !!! I ran over my old shovel. This time, I was going to get a good one. When I saw the ad in your catalog about how tough this shovel was, I bought two!!!!! Needless to say, I've used it way more than I wanted to, but this shovel is by far the best I've ever used. Thank you for such a tough, strong shovel, not to mention the lifetime warranty. You guys are great!!!!!

5 Stars The Ultimate Shovel

from IA wrote :

This shovel is very light weight and very durable and the bright orange color makes it very visible and easy to locate. Even while shoveling snow in almost zero degree weather it did not chip or crack. The cutting edge is self sharpening and wears very well even on cement floors and walk ways. I highly recommend this shovel.

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