Leonard Long-Lasting Nursery Marker Pen

Leonard Long-Lasting Nursery Marker Pen

The fine felt permanent marker that outlasts all others!

Instant drying, sun and water-proof, non-smearing, permanent. Best for plastic tags and labels, marks on anything! Black only.

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Fine tip, instant drying, sun and waterproof, non-smearing, permanent, available in black.


QUESTION: How is the cap on the HNP8B removed? ANSWER: Hold the cap with one hand and the pen with the other. Pull and twist the lid clockwise (like you are screwing it on) at the same time. If you twist counter-clockwise, (like you are unscrewing the lid) you might unscrew the tip of the pen from the base.

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars Nursery Marker

from WA wrote :

We have tried many "permanent" markers, but this in the only one that truely stays on plant markers outside.

4 Stars Nothing better!

from TN wrote :

I was first introduced to these pens when I worked for an agricultural research facility. I've been using them in my home garden and landscape ever since. Unlike "permanent markers" these do not fade or wear off over time. They work great on wooden stakes, plastic plant markers, and sometimes I write directly on the leaves of my plants to label varieties (like iris, daylilies, etc). The only drawback is that you have to learn to open them. They can be difficult to open, but the trick is to twist them slightly while pulling off the lid. If you twist one direction, the maker will come apart - that's bad - but twist the other and the lid will come right off.

5 Stars Marking Pen

from NC wrote :

The pen works as advertised. We've used it on plastic plant tags and metal orchard tags to good effect.

5 Stars Item # HNP8B

from PA wrote :

I use the pen to mark plastic plant labels. So far(approx 1 year), the writing has held up without running.

5 Stars Amazing Pen

from KS wrote :

I really like the nursery marking pen. I live in a plains state, so anything left outdoors is subjected to all types of weather. (This past year especially!) It seems to really stand up to all the elements, and sun fade, and is easily read on my plant tags.

4 Stars leo marking pens

from GA wrote :

we love them!! they work great, ink lasts in the sun for a long time

5 Stars Marking pen the best I've found

from NY wrote :

Lasts longer than others I've tried.

5 Stars Nursery Marking Pen

from FL wrote :

Great marker.

4 Stars Marking Pen

from CA wrote :

Fine tip pen, reasonable price, not bulky, marks many plastic knives, and the color is easy to locate.

5 Stars Great pen

from SC wrote :

works as described, weather proof, water proof, clean and clear

5 Stars AM Leonard Marking Pens

from WI wrote :

I will buy nothing but AM Leonard Marking pens for our greenhouse business because they are the best on the market. They are truly weather resistant and the price is right.

4 Stars

from LA wrote :

First time customer and I am very happy with the pens.

4 Stars Leonard Marking Pen

from KY wrote :

Pen works fine. Ink supply could be better. Used to label plants.

5 Stars Great marking pen!

from IN wrote :

I used this for marking names and prices on labels for flowers for sale and the markings did not come off. Also used in the garden. Names stayed on plant tags in all kinds of weather. Especially liked the fine tip on the marker.

1 Star Leonard Marking Pen #HNP8B

from WI wrote :

The pen I was able to use worked well. I used it on outdoor plant markers. Two of the pens would not open and pulled apart and had to be trashed. One of the canisters was dented pretty bad and the marker dried up after a couple of uses. The covers are extremely difficult to remove and in two cases next to impossible even after tried by several people. I was disappointed and will not reorder. After previous poor results with your customer service dept I didn't even try for a replacement.

5 Stars Marking Pen

from NC wrote :

The pen works as advertised. We've used it on plastic plant tags and metal orchard tags to good effect.


from PA wrote :

We have a retail farm and garden center and these markers are PERFECT for outside use. The marker tip is great for writing and keeps everything looking neat, plus the ink holds up wonderfully outside. Definitely a must item to have!

5 Stars It does what it says

from CA wrote :

The pen really does mark and stay marked. Most of my garden signs disappear after a few seasons, but this one does not erase; so watch out when you use it; it really is indelible.

4 Stars Good pen

from NY wrote :

Ink doesn't fade, but pen tip does broaden out over time, makes it harder to write on plant tags as the tip is no longer too fine.

4 Stars

from SD wrote :

The pen writes well on every surface that I've tried it on and doesn't fade.

5 Stars beats a Sharpie !

from PA wrote :

An excellent marker for labeling plants. Does not fade like standard markers do. Also dries fast.

5 Stars The marker that holds up through the summer.

from MN wrote :

I liked the marker because the ink holds up through the rain, summer sun and doesn't wash off.

5 Stars leonard marker

from OH wrote :

first time i bought these markers. they stayed readable through the entire season. very pleased.

5 Stars Loved this pen!

from PA wrote :

Loved this pen. Will buy it again. Dried fast, did not smear, did not fade in the sun. It was perfect for our greenhouse needs.

5 Stars Works great

from TX wrote :

Bought to use in the greenhouse and find myself using it everywhere. Great buy!

5 Stars A M Leonard Nursery Pen - a great product

from FL wrote :

Before I ordered it I was hesitant, since most marking pens write well, but the ink doesn't hold up well here in full sun in Florida. But this one does both. It writes well and the ink is very long-lasting.

1 Star Junk

from TX wrote :

Junk. Overpriced. Dried up when received. Not at all worth the investment. Sharpies are more reliable, although they fade. We use an etcher on our tags, then trace over it with a Sharpie. That lasts.

3 Stars

from FL wrote :

The pen is OK, but I would like a finer point. I'm not sure how long it will last in the weather.

5 Stars Markers perform

from KY wrote :

These markers definitely perform as promised. They will dry out if stored in a truck or other hot location, and the caps can be hard to get off with wet hands or muddy gloves (as mine usually are).

4 Stars Marking Pen

from NE wrote :

A M Leonard marking pen works great and doesn't seem to fade.

5 Stars Nursery Marking Pen

from OH wrote :

Excellent for tags.

5 Stars Leonard Nursery Marking Pen

from PA wrote :

I like this marker because it seems to last a long time when used on plastic plant tags and doesn't fade when exposed to sunlight.

3 Stars Nice fine line, but...

from VT wrote :

Was hoping to find a truly permanent marker that would remain legible from time of planting in greenhouse thru harvest season outdoors. Alas, this marker didn't pass the test. Initial fine line was great even on plastic, but for permanance the ink should be an etching type which I've found in similar marker.

4 Stars Review of Leonard Nursery Marking Pen

from SC wrote :

I have used many other brands but this pen held up the longest for marking rooted cuttings. The point is particularly durable and it even marks when the tag is damp.

4 Stars Long-Lasting Nursery Marking Pen

from PA wrote :

So far this pen is a success. It worked easily on markers balanced on one hand, and so far has stayed on through some serious rains. We'll see about 120 inches of snow melting around it - the real test.

5 Stars True to claims

from CT wrote :

I purchased this pen to use with metal plant markers, also from Gardeners Edge. It made a clean dark line that is easy to read. It has been out in the rain and looks as good as new.

5 Stars Marking pen

from NY wrote :

This is my first year to use this pen and it has worked very well for me. Good dark color to mark my markers so they are after a summer still very clear to read, which is what I wanted from this pen.

5 Stars the only permanent marker in the garden

from NY wrote :

Every other "permanent" marker fades after a season or two; these are readable years later, and the fine point makes them easy to use, too.

5 Stars Great Markers

from MI wrote :

I LOVE these markers...and have used them for years. They perform as promised!

4 Stars marking pen review

from KY wrote :

I would have given 5 stars, but the last two batches have had dead (dried) pens. Otherwise, when they work, they are the only pen we use in the greenhouse. Nothing lasts as long as these pens in sun, rain, heat, on plastic, wood, or paper.

Gardeners Edge replies: Disappointed to hear that, we will QA the batch to ensure good.

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Leonard Long-Lasting Nursery Marker Pen Leonard Long-Lasting Nursery Marker Pen Leonard Long-Lasting Nursery Marker Pen Leonard Long-Lasting Nursery Marker Pen