Leonard Leather Sheath for 4750 and 4752 Soil Knife

Leonard Leather Sheath for 4750 and 4752 Soil Knife

Protect the knife, both while working and when you store it!

Leonard Sheath for the 4750 and 4752 Soil Knife. Top grain leather, stitched and riveted. Attaches with belt slot or metal clip.

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  • 11" long
  • 3.75" wide at top

Product Features

  • Both riveted and sewn together
  • Metal belt clip
  • Belt loops too
  • Hole at top for storage

Product Benefits

  • Leonard's own sheath is made of quality leather with clip-on action for safe keeping. May be pictured with soil knife, sold seperatly.
  • Keeps your knife handy, without putting holes in your back pocket
  • Clip to belt or pocket for easy on/off
  • May also be secured to belt through belt loops
  • Keep on a web-belt with other tools, when you are ready to work, just put on the entire belt
  • Protect the knife, both while working and when you store it
  • Leather is both stitched and riveted together for extra durability


A.M. Leonard's down to earth guarantee. This product is covered under A.M. Leonard's full one year warranty against manufacturer defects for products when used under normal conditions.

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Review Summary (Based on 9 Reviews)

Customer Reviews

4 Stars Excellent product

from wrote :

The sheath goes nicely on the belt and keeps the soil knife handy when you are working in the garden. Made from quality materials. Should last a long time. This and the soil knife make a great gift idea for gardeners.

5 Stars perfect protection

from NJ wrote :

This sheath is perfect for keeping me safe and my awesome knife from getting ruined. It stays clipped to my pants and is always there as a reminder that I need to bring the knife inside! Too many lost tools after a long hard day outside.

5 Stars Tough and secure

from PA wrote :

It clips easily to a belt. Stays clipped. And is built with durability to last for years.

3 Stars leather sheath

from IL wrote :

Sheath would be better if made from a material that repeled dirt. The leather while strong gets dirty very quickly and there is no good way to keep it clean. Perhaps if there was a different finish on the leather?

5 Stars Leather Sheath for Soil Knife

from IN wrote :

Extremely satisfied with both the Soil Knife and the Leather Sheath. Both made with quality material and and well constructed. The sheath stores and protects the knife when not in use.

5 Stars Keep safe

from OH wrote :

Using this sheath keeps me safe. The knife is belted to me securely and comfortably--and I am not tempted to just leave the knife on the ground and lose the knife my husband bought me for my birthday. Well-made product. Sturdy. Easy to wipe clean. Made in USA!

3 Stars knife sheath

from PA wrote :

I am a small person but round, As a result I don't wear my sheaths on a belt and on my hips by way of the pockets of my pants. When I return my knife to the sheath often the leather just above the clip and belt feeds gets caught on the knife handle this has bent and curled the leather and has become annoying.

5 Stars Top Notch Sheath

from MI wrote :

I've had my sheath for 5 years now, I bought it with my original soil knife. It slips easily onto a belt which is how I usually carry it. The sheath is easy to slip my soil knife into and holds it securely. It has held up very well. I have since purchased several other sheath/knife sets as gifts and everyone who has received one has loved it.

5 Stars Love it!

from wrote :

I love this - handy to attach to your belt and keep the sharp edges contained until you need them! Highly recommend!

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Leonard Leather Sheath for 4750 and 4752 Soil Knife Leonard Leather Sheath for 4750 and 4752 Soil Knife