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Leonard Deluxe Stainless Steel Soil Knife

So many uses—you'll be amazed by its versatility!

Based upon many customer suggestions and professional feedback, we created our deluxe soil knife, the next evolution. This deluxe stainless steel soil knife is also made in Maniago, Italy and also backed by our "no questions asked" lifetime warranty, but it's even better!

Use it to: divide plants, plant bulbs, flowers and herbs, dig out weeds, remove rocks, cut through roots, plant in pots, clean out cracks, cut twine and ties, and for so much more! New features include:
  • Larger Diameter Hook Opening: Hangs neatly on your peg rack for a tidy shed or work bench.
  • Thumb-Rest Handle: A thumb rest at the base, a wider safety guard, and a more comfortable grip for all-day digging, and so you can push into the soil with more control.
  • Twine Cutting Notch: Cut twine and plant ties as you go, without having to switch tools.
  • Depth Markings on Blade: Inch markings on the Swedish stainless steel blade will ensure your plants and bulbs are planted at just the right depth.
  • Extended Dual Cut Serrated Edge: Now an even sharper and longer cutting stroke and sharper serrations for easier cutting of roots and swift division of perennials and grasses.
Don't think that these improvements mean we've skimped anywhere else: this deluxe soil knife is still manufactured from the highest quality, rust-resistant stainless steel as the classic. The blade is engineered to withstand over 300 lb of pressure, for a lifetime of use. The 6-inch stainless steel blade has a tapered slicing edge, plus a sharp, deeply serrated side made for fast root cutting.

Comfortable one-piece molded composite handle offers a more rounded grip and molded thumb rest. Blade is 1.75 inches wide, 11.75 inches overall length. Sheath sold separately.

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  • 6" x 1-3/4" blade
  • Overall length is 11-3/4"
  • Blade can withstand over 300 lb of pressure

Product Features

  • Polished stainless steel
  • One serrated edge, one sharpened edge
  • Bright orange handle
  • Handle is designed with a new wider guard
  • Large diameter hole in the handle
  • Blade has a twine-cutting notch
  • Depth markings forged on the blade
  • Extended serrated edge on the blade; serrations on this model are much sharper than the previous soil knife, the 4750

Product Benefits

  • The 6" blade has one tapered slicing edge and one edge that is deeply serrated for root cutting
  • One piece molded composite handle is easy to find if left in the landscape
  • Wider guard protects the hand
  • Hole in the handle allows knife to hang neatly on your peg rack for a tidy shed or workbench
  • Cutting notch cuts twine and plant ties as you go, without having to switch tools
  • Depth markings on the blade ensure that your plants and bulbs are planted at the depth


A.M. Leonard, Inc. warrants its tools identified as "Leonard Premium tools" to be free from material or workmanship defects for the life of the tool. A.M. Leonard, Inc. will replace or repair faulty tools at its sole discretion. Tools need to be sent postage prepaid to A.M. Leonard, Inc. 241 Fox Drive, Piqua, Ohio 45356. This warranty does not cover damage due to abuse, rust, mishandling or unauthorized repair. Changes in design, finish, material specifications, etc. may be made without notice and without

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Review Summary (Based on 64 Reviews)

Customer Reviews

5 Stars

from MI wrote :

I recieved this as a christmas gift. It was my favorite garden tool this summer. I love it.

5 Stars soil knife

from MT wrote :

super sharp - use with care

5 Stars Best garden tool ever

from UT wrote :

I had one of these knives when we did a big landscaping project and loved it. This summer it got lost in the yard even with the bright orange handle. I had to order one right away!

5 Stars Gardeners Edge Guarantee

from TX wrote :

Love this knife...it is without a doubt my "go to" gardening tool. Best thing though is that Gardeners Edge really does stand behind their products. I broke one of my knives digging in clay soil and Gardeners Edge replaced it immediately...no questions asked!

5 Stars Favorite trowel

from MD wrote :

This tool does it all: digs, measures, levels, and breaks up clumps. I love it! It stands up to the toughest Maryland clay soil.

5 Stars Great product

from CA wrote :

Great size and heft. Tough as nails, and the stainless steel means that it won't rust. The only thing that I regret is not getting the sheath, too, because the blade is more aggressive than I had expected.

5 Stars Deluxe ss Soil Knife

from CT wrote :

Bought original; liked it so much for digging out crab grass,I thought I'd get new one with new features, then left it where it could be stolen, one day. Since my new yardman likes the old one so much, I think I'll treat me to a new one!

5 Stars Great tool for clay soil

from IN wrote :

I enrolled in a Master Gardener course and noticed that a lot of the members that had been in the Master Gardener group for a while had this tool. They all swore that it was the best tool they ever had. I purchased one for myself and this tool lives up to their praise. My husband used it once and then it disappeared into his tool cache, so I had to buy another one for me. We have very heavy clay soil and this tool doesn't bend or break when digging into the hard soil like other trowels and digging tools. It is also great for cutting through small roots.

5 Stars dont go into the garden or greenhouse without it

from NC wrote :


5 Stars soil knife

from FL wrote :

My favorite gardening tool. Uses: transplanting plugs, weeding- can undercut weed roots and pull entire plant out- "saw" out crabgrass. cut leggy vines, selectively cut-out weeds, volunteers, etc. without disturbing orginal plant or mulch. Great for dividing plants or cutting weeds out of pots. Orange handle easier to find. Have given as gifts, and recommend to anyone who gardens. Must have tool.

5 Stars Soil Knife

from PA wrote :

A truly great multi-multi purpose garden tool. We never go out to the garden without these strapped on our hip or ready in the hand. Works so well in our heavy clay and limestone strewn soil. Stab, wiggle, pry for weeding deep. Great for transplanting or even slashing/sawing off big overgrown weeds.

3 Stars Very sharp, steel corrodes

from FL wrote :

I bought this when I thought I had lost my original one, which was a Classic. This one, however, is so sharp that it is not too hard to cut yourself when digging out weeds and sticking your hand in near the knife. Also, mine has gotten corroded. I don't know if that is considered rust and, therefore, not covered under the lifetime warranty, but I don't think stainless steel should rust or corrode. I would highly recommend the classic knife, which thankfully I found and continue to use heavily. It has its original matte finish unblemished, and the serrations will not cut you.

5 Stars best tool ever for avid gardeners

from IL wrote :

I was skeptical when i read the reviews at first myself so I thought I would give it a chance. Best gardening tool i have ever bought and one of the cheapest in price but not quality. Recommend this product to anyone who spends any time in their yard try it you will love it also.

5 Stars Vines!

from MO wrote :

An amazing tool, works great in the soil as noted but is also spectacular at removing pesky vines (vinca/euonymous)...blade cuts right through em and the trowel digs out the runners. Perfect combo. I can't imagine using anything else for it

5 Stars Garden Knife

from CA wrote :

I'm on my third one - they are absolutely amazing. If only, I didn't keep misplacing them. Can't garden without it. Am purchasing several now for gifts for gardening friends.

5 Stars best tool ever

from OR wrote :

i got this as a present several years ago. I use this for everything in the yard. It is the one tool I always grab for yard & garden work.

5 Stars A "Must Have" gardening tool!

from ME wrote :

This tool now goes everywhere outside with me. Once you use it you will wonder how you ever survived without it. I'm buying one for my market garden daughter!

5 Stars Best new tool in years!

from OH wrote :

Although this is a simple tool, the results are really impressive. The soil knife is tough, easy to use, has a variety of uses, weeding, planting, cutting, and measuring. You can't break it - you can only marvel at it!

5 Stars Amazing, well designed Soil Knife!

from WA wrote :

This soil knife has been very well designed -- easy to hold (even with my medium to small hands!), very sharp edges, very useful twine cutter and depth measurement marks. I bought it with the sheath holder -- only caveat is that after use and cleaning, let the knife dry completely before storing in the holder. I have used this knife for digging up weeds in pea gravel, cutting roots to unwanted trees and shrubs, and other general yard gardening uses. I consider this tool as essential as my good hand pruners -- don't walk out the back door without them!

5 Stars Soil Knife

from FL wrote :

Great. Works very well in cutting small up to 1/2 inch roots. the cutting edge is durable.

5 Stars The "other" hori-hori

from MI wrote :

I bought one for myself after using the same model on a volunteer project and I'm glad I did. In my 40 years of gardening, I'd never even heard of a hori-hori before last year. Now I don't know how I've gotten along without one. It's great for all kinds of planting, weeding and root-pruning jobs. I prefer this model over the wooden-handled hori-hori also offered by [you] for a couple of reasons. The high-density plastic handle promises to be more durable than the wood, but more importantly the orange color helps insure that I won't lose it in my garden like I have, at one time or another, nearly every tool I own that doesn't have a brightly colored handle or that I've neglected to tie a piece of fluorescent surveyor's ribbon to. I originally bought it without the leather sheath, which was a mistake. There's no other good way to carry it around without risking harm to clothing, skin or the knife blade itself.

5 Stars Superb Tool!

from LA wrote :

This knife is great for transplanting and weeding. Gardeners Edge was also super speedy in delivering this product.

5 Stars the best gardening tool I ever purchased

from MA wrote :

This knife plus sheath is ideal for planting bulbs and small potted plants since you can work the soil, cut roots and prepare a proper transfer site with one tool. It deserves 5 stars.

5 Stars Love this knife!

from IL wrote :

Made in Italy of Swedish steel, should last forever. (I never buy anything made of Chinese steel - always breaks.) Just got it, and I don't go outside without it. Cuts through anything, great for transplanting, dividing, weeding, digging out taproots. Now I need the sheath.

5 Stars All tool replace many

from NY wrote :

I love this soil knife. It replaced many small garden tools I used to carry. With this knife, I can do planting, weeding and many many more task. Highly recommend it.

5 Stars Hi Viz Garden Tool

from NJ wrote :

Knife and sheath are of high quality. The sheath has a belt and clip on option. The serrations will cut roots with ease and the notch is a perfect twine cutter. The depth gauge and lanyard hole are nice additions too. Blaze orange will make it easy to spot in the garden.

5 Stars love my soil knife

from NC wrote :

We garden in the Land of Red Clay, and this tool has been a life-saver: even with arthritic hands I can cut through the soil with ease--makes weeding a breeze. Wish I'd found it years ago. Thanks!

5 Stars 4752cdf

from PA wrote :

Every gardener and landscaper NEEDS this tool! And they need the sheath too! Our boss, Mark P. introduced the soil knife to us. I had one for over a year and have mislade it somewhere, so, before landscaping season comes again, I ordered a replacement knife.

5 Stars Soil knife is awesome!

from PA wrote :

Someone showed me the soil knife for the first time at a landscape show. When I realized the person singing its praises wasn't a salesman but a fellow customer at the booth, I bought it. I loved it! It's perfect for weeding, planting annuals and numerous other benefits. I bought one for my whole staff.

5 Stars Can't garden without it!

from SC wrote :

This is the most versatile, useful garden tool I own. The size is perfect and the handle comfortable. I always carry it with me when working in the garden. The serrated edge is great for cutting small roots and loosening roots in pot-bound plants before placing them in the ground.

5 Stars Slick Knife

from wrote :

Although I've been gardening a long time I only discovered soil knives last fall when looking on-line for replacement trowels. And I was only looking on-line for trowels because I couldn't find any good ones in local stores. Once I discovered the existance of soil knives, I did extensive on-line research & comparison of them and decided to invest in this one. (I chose to get the sheath as well because I can be a little dangerous to myself with sharp objects.) It arrived in time for me to use it to remove, for over-winter storage, bulbs that had summered in a huge pot. The immense amount of roots had foiled previous attemps by two of us, but the knife slickly and quickly released the bulbs for proper storage. I can see this knife making many of my gardening chores much easier.

5 Stars LOVE this soil knife

from CO wrote :

This is the most useful tool I own for my garden. Use it for digging out stubborn weeds, preparing holes for my plants, cutting twine, and trimming small twigs. There are so many uses for this sturdy tool. I have purchased at least 6 so far as gifts. My husband uses his for digging out the holes of moles..little buggers. So if you have any hesitation about the quality of this knife, I assure you it's the finest. Well worth the price.

5 Stars My Favorite Tool

from MN wrote :

I have tough clay soil and having gone through multiple trowels each season for several years, I decided it was time to look for something sturdy. This it it! I've had mine for 6 years and have bought a couple for friends as well. I no longer even take my trowel to the garden, this tool does everything and more that any trowel can do.

5 Stars I replaced my dandelion digger and trowel.

from KS wrote :

I read a weekly news article by our county extension agent, telling about the usefulness and versatility of a soil knife. Although a Master Gardener (a few years ago), this was new to me, and I purchased one. I tried it out this fall planting bulbs, and it was great. I wear a small garden tool apron that keeps my most used tools handy, to cut down on running back and forth in my large yard. The soil knife will definitely be in it--replacing a couple other utensils.

5 Stars The Best Garden Tool

from MA wrote :

I love this garden tool. It is the one tool I always want to have on hand, because you can use it to do so many chores. It is well made and very strong. I don't know how any gardener could live without one.

5 Stars Leonard Soil Knife

from VA wrote :

This is one of the best garden tools I have ever bought and I use it for everything in the garden and yard from planting to weeding and everything in between. I never go out to the yard or garden without it. Wish I would have bought one 30 years ago.

5 Stars Soil Knife is a Can-Do-All Tool

from NY wrote :

Superb for getting those bulbs 6" down. Very sharp edge cuts through roots quickly and easily. Soil knife allows me to work in a tight area when I need to. Just terrific.

5 Stars Must have garden Tool

from MO wrote :

Has so many uses: opens containers, gets the whole root when weeding, digging holes for annuals, cutting string, prying open or lifting objects. The orange handle makes it easy to spot in the garden. Each employee has and uses one.

5 Stars Weeding Made Easy - And Enjoyable

from NY wrote :

I've been amazed at how easily and quickly I am able to move through the flower beds and garden, using this knife for weeding. It goes into the earth and cuts through stubborn roots with very little effort, so it's easy on my wrists. I also like the option of the sheath for keeping the knife handy and protected. I find I am spending more time working in the yard, and enjoying it. I'm glad I listened to my Master Gardener and bought this knife from you.

5 Stars You Gotta Love a Good Tool

from OH wrote :

I bought the soil knife after working with a friend who had one. It is sturdy, well made and best of all, versatile! And having seen it elsewhere for a higher price, it was also a good value. Digging, weeding, cutting all kinds of things, dividing plants, or just simply impressing the neighbors - this knife does it all. The sheath is also quite heavy duty, unlike some that I have seen for sale. It's a great tool that I highly recommend.


from wrote :

A MUST HAVE TOOL FOR EVERY GARDEN. I have several friends who are master gardeners in our state and for over two years they told me about this knife but did I listen? NO. Now I know that this knife is indispensable in every garden. I bought this knife last spring for myself and now I am purchasing another one. I use it constantly in my vegetable garden, digging weeds, planting new plants, planting seeds, cutting string for tying up plants and digging up the results of my garden. I do not use a garden spade any longer since I have this knife. The reason I need another knife is that I leave the knife in the garden and all of my flowers are on the other side of the house and I was running back and forth. The knife and sheath that I purchased in December was for my brother-in-law. He is retired and grows about two acres of vegetables. Some of the vegetables are sold fresh at farmer's markets and some are used by my sister to can for sale at farmers markets and to fill their table all winter

5 Stars Best garden tool!

from OR wrote :

I love this knife! I've had others for years, but they keep getting lost or swallowed up in my garden because the handles are wood. The brightly colored handle is a great help in keeping track of where the tool is, as well as more durable over time than wood. Great for digging out grass and dandelions from deep under the root. I bought this for all my friends who are gardeners and they love it too.

5 Stars Best garden tool I have ever had!

from IL wrote :

This soil knife far exceeds any one gardening tool I have ever tried. I am responsible for the planting of over 25,000 annuals on a college campus and this is all my crew uses to get the job done. It is incredibly durable - some of ours have been used extensively for 5 years and show no sign of quitting! I have employees who have moved on and come back to tell me that they have introduced this to their new place of employment and they love it too!

5 Stars Best Gardening Tool Ever!

from IN wrote :

I bought one of these several years ago, and I use it every day during gardening season. It's extremely sturdy and the perfect tool for weeding, digging up small plants, and cutting through tree roots. After raving about this tool for several years, my sister-in-law had to have one, too. I gave it to her as a Christmas gift, and she says it's the best present she received. She can't wait for spring when she can use it to dig in her garden.

5 Stars Best tool I own.

from VA wrote :

The soil knife is the one tool I have with me all the time in the garden, after my gloves. It digs out weeds, digs planting holes, cuts roots, cuts twine, and marks seed rows. I have purchased one for every family member I have who gardens. It was praised at our master garden meeting and given out to our retiring officer. On my recommendation, my friend has also purchased them for all her garden friends. It is built to last. I immediately bought another one after misplacing mine in the garden. The sheath is wonderful for keeping it clean.

5 Stars A must have tool!

from OH wrote :

This soil knive has replaced my trowel. It doesn't bend like a trowel and is narrow so its great for planting annuals and bulbs. The handle is much more comfortable-no more blisters! The serration is wonderful for cutting throught compacted soil and roots. It is also a great tool for weeding! I have bought one for each of my crew members and my gardening family members! It ranks right up there with my steele spade and felco 2 prunners as tools I could not do without!

5 Stars The best garden tool.

from OH wrote :

This tool makes many gardening tasks easier. I have given many of them as gifts to many happy recipients.


from NY wrote :

Last year I lost my Leonard Soil Knife and bought what I thought was a good replacement from another company, larger and green. It was awkward to use and part of its hilt stuck into my palm. It didn't feel like an extension of my hand as the Leonard one does. I bought another Leonard soil knife and I have to say its weight, shape, and cutting edge makes it again my favorite tool of all. I haven't used a trowel for years.

5 Stars Best Knife I Own

from IL wrote :

I bought my soil knife several years ago because I liked the discription in the catalog. Then a few years later I bought my daughter one for her birthday and she too likes her knife. This past Christmas I bought one for my daughter-in-law and am anxious to see how she will like come garden working time. The only dilike I have compared to theirs is that they have soil depth numebers on theirs. That is a good feature.

5 Stars Leonard Soil Knife

from SC wrote :

I ordered two and gave one to a friend. It is a great tool. I have used it for so many things from cutting the string off pine straw bales, to planting bulbs, dirting weeds. The great thing is that I can keep it in its sheath, in the house and it is ready for a quick trip to the yard, the green house or work with house plants.

5 Stars Leonard Soil Knife with Sheath

from NM wrote :

I used a friend's Leonard Soil Knife and I was immediately sold. It was light weight, sharp and easy to grip. I was able to easily replant my entire backyard flower display much easier and quicker than in the past. Keeping the knife in its sheath on my belt kept me from continually looking all over to see where I had last laid it down. I highly recommend this handy tool.

5 Stars Leonard Soil Knife

from OH wrote :

This is the best soil knife you'll ever find. Plus, the best price I could find on the internet. I already had one and bought one for my daughter for Christmas.

5 Stars Leonard Soil Knife

from OH wrote :

I purchased my first knife 12 years ago at a Hosta College and have since bought a number of them for gifts to gardening friends. We owe three of them ourselves, one for myself, one for my husband and one for the garden room. This knife is very adaptable for the multiple tasks required in gardening. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in gardening.

5 Stars soil knife and sheath

from WA wrote :

I love the knife. I first discovered it at our demonstration gardens for Master Gardeners. I knew I had to own one for myself. I use my new knife for everything in my garden. I even smooth soil with it. I planted my spring bulbs to the right height in my pots. I love to weed with this tool. We have alot of pavers so I can get shot weeds and moss out easily. It cleans nicely also. Thank you.

5 Stars #1 Tool

from NC wrote :

We were given this soil knife by a professional gardener. It has become our number one tool. We purchased another one for ourselves because we would race to see who would claim it first. We also bought one as a gift for one of our volunteers. It's perfect.

5 Stars soil knife

from OH wrote :

I purchased my soil knife after several friends recommended it. I absolutely love it. It is very versatile.

5 Stars Quality Counts with this Deluxe Soil Knife

from MA wrote :

This garden tool is multi-purpose - from digging up obnoxious weeds to dividing perennials. The design and feel of the knife in your hand enables easy handling and precise use. The shield keeps the knife sharp and allows the knife protection as well as keeping it close at hand on your belt. It is care free stainless steel for easy clean-up. This multi-purpose knife is used for all my vegetable and flower gardens. A must for any serious gardener!

5 Stars Best tool in the shed

from WI wrote :

Bought one for my girlfrind a few years ago. She uses it all the time in her rock/suculant garden the knife doesn't wear out. I bought one for her daughter this year.

5 Stars Tool to carry with your clippers

from WA wrote :

We love this tool. It is so versatile. You can dig and plant with it, remove weeds, measure depths and the newest version has a sharp place for cutting twine. Very strong blade - can use it to pry stubborn roots out. We have a nursery and this is one tool we all carry with us along with the clippers.

5 Stars The most versatile garden tool ever!

from OH wrote :

My husband bought this knife for me as a Christmas gift last year and it sure beat the heck out of the bicycle pump he bought me for my birthday! I use it all the time in the garden for everything from planting bulbs to cutting out dead perenials. It has been the one constant in my gardening bag since I first used it. It is sharp, so watch out, but that's just what you want in a soil knife. I have since purchase 6 for friends, relatives and clients. They have all had the same reaction....what a great tool!

5 Stars GREAT Tool!

from MI wrote :

I love this soil knife. I used one when I worked at a botanical garden and it was everyone's favorite tool. They were always getting snatched to be used by others on the staff! Great for cutting tough roots, digging for planting, weeding, everything.

5 Stars Like it!

from CA wrote :

Nice tool for all of my applications! Very durable.

1 Star Broke in the first 10 minutes of its life

from TX wrote :

I had heard a lot of great things about this tool. So when someone gave me a new one earlier this month, I was pretty excited. However, within the first 5 - 10 minutes of me ever using the tool, the blade snapped off at the hilt. I was trying to dislodge some minor seedings... lyre-leaf salvia and echinacea in loose, damp soil. Nothing challenging. More here: http://gardenaustin.com/2010/09/26/file-under-tools-that-dont-work/ Gardeners Edge Replies: At that url, he further adds: "I emailed the makers of the Leonard Soil Knife, and two of their employees emailed me back Monday morning with many apologies. Apparently the tool I got was part of a bad batch involving poorly-tempered steel (and a lot of broken blades). They have since solved the production issue, and upgraded the tool with a few extra features. Having a job based in production, I know these things can and do happen. They have mailed me a new one. All they wanted in return was a picture of the broken one.


from PA wrote :

Originally purchased as a weeder, but it is so much more. Excellent at getting in to the soil down to the roots. The serrated edge cuts bulb foliage like a hot knife through butter. This is definitely the "go to" tool on our jobs. Fits nicely in my back pocket - trust me you'll want it handy. One was not enough.

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